Itchy Dog

An itchy dog is often the result of allergies gone unchecked. While we know what to do when allergies hit us, our dogs unfortunately, do not. It is our responsibility to know the symptoms and possible treatments that will help our dogs enjoy a long and happy life.

There are several reasons why a dog scratches himself to a frenzy, the most common ones being the result of an allergic reaction to a particular food, substance or fleas. When you see your pet scratching incessantly, have bald spots and start showing scabs and wounds in his skin, then you need to bring him to the vet to determine the exact cause of his allergic reaction.

An accurate diagnosis is critical in order to give the right treatment. For dogs with food allergies, you need to put him on a hypoallergenic diet to determine the ingredient that triggers his allergies and remove it from his diet. Dogs with atopic dermatitis (allergic to molds, dust, weeds, pollen, detergent, etc.) should be monitored more carefully during certain seasons (late summer and fall) when allergies of this kind is more rampant. Flea allergies that result in an itchy dog can be treated with a topical medication and herbal shampoos specially formulated to treat fleas without harming the dog.

Regardless of the cause, a good diet is essential is keeping the dog as healthy as possible. As much as you are able, give him fresh meat, fruits and vegetables for his meals. If this is not possible, invest in premium dog food that are devoid of chemicals and artificial additives to ensure his optimal health. Premium dog food may cost you a few extra dollars per bag, but it is well worth it because it will keep your dog from sickness and disease that beset malnourished dogs.

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