Home Remedies for Dog Skin Allergies

If you want to have a happy dog with a beautiful coat of fur, then you need to know about the best home remedies for dog skin allergies.

Of course there are a lot of topical medications and antihistamines that you can use, but definitely if you have a choice, opt for the healthier home remedies for dog skin allergies. The less chemicals that your dog is exposed to, the better it is for his quality of life.

What are some fantastic examples of natural dog skin allergies remedies? First of all, you need to determine the exact nature of your dog’s itching and scratching. If it is caused by the pesky fleas, then a mixture of essential oils will provide an aromatic and gentle repellent that you can spray on your dog. Simply mix together a blend of water and citronella, lavender, eucalyptus or lemongrass in a small spray bottle and mist it all over your dog’s coat.

Sometimes fleas can be as stubborn as that used car salesman who happened to get your number. If this is the case, then add some yeast and garlic in his diet. This is said to be extremely effective in keeping the fleas and ticks at bay. Regularly run a fine toothed comb through your dog’s coat to remove these parasites. The brushing is also a good way to stimulate the oil glands in the dog’s skin, thereby adding luster to his coat.

Hot spots are another skin problem that our dogs unfortunately have to deal with. These inflamed and itchy spots are the results of scratching, biting, licking and parasite bites. Sometimes the matted fur can disguise and aggravate these areas.

When you see hot spots in your dog, cleanse the affected spot right away and trim the hair around it (so it doesn’t get matted and tangled. Soak a used tea bag (black tea or green tea) over it to dry it out and keep your dog from touching those spots at all times. Some pet owners put muzzles on their dog to ensure that they don’t further inflame their hot spots and make it worse.

Ear mites are a fairly common enemy of the canine. To combat these creatures, swab a cotton bud with either corn oil, mineral oil or olive oil. The purpose of the oil is to soothe the itchiness, stifle the ear mites, and accelerate the healing process. Swab oiled cotton bud in the dog’s ear canal, do this every other day for a week. Let it rest for three days, and repeat process for about a month.

Allergic dogs also often suffer from itchy feet. A great remedy for this  is to soak the dog’s feet in cold water with Epsom salts dissolved in it. If Epsom salts are unavailable, mix baking soda with water to relieve itchiness.

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