Dry Dog Skin

Dry dog skin is a condition that often besets our furry friends. It might not be a fatal ailment, however not doing anything about it makes for an itchy and miserable pet.

Dry Dog Skin

You will notice that dry dog skin is frequently accompanied by a dull coat of hair. Nobody wants that. If you want to see your dog happy, and with a beautiful, thick fur, the first thing you need to do is to take care of that skin of theirs.

Oftentimes the reasons for dry dog skin are parasites and allergies. There are some parasites that cannot be seen by the naked eye. If your dog has dry and flaky patches of skin (much like dandruff), he might be the host of a number of parasites that reside within the hair follicle. You will have to ask your vet to do a simple skin scraping test to see if your dog has parasites.

Other times, allergies from food and environmental allergens can also result in your dog’s skin problems. Dust, pollen, molds and weeds are some examples of atopic dermatitis. Ingredients like chicken, beef, soy and gluten can also trigger severe itching and scratching to the unsuspecting dog.

You will know if your dog is allergic to food if he gets back to normal after putting him on a hypoallergenic diet. Some food sensitive dogs also contract new allergies after a while so it will be good to create two or three diets that he can tolerate, and rotate them throughout the year. Atopic dermatitis is more seasonal in nature so if it’s late summer or fall, be extra vigilant in keeping your home as clean as possible.

Other Causes of Dry Dog Skin

Combat Dry Dog Skin for a Shiny, Healthy CoatOther possible reasons why dogs have dry and itchy skin can be because of ringworms, yeast infections, auto-immune diseases, thyroid disorders, dietary deficiencies and even frequent swimming. Observe your dog and find out what is the exact cause of his skin condition so you can find out how to treat it properly.

While there are some topical medications that can be applied to dry dog skin, it is a lot better to use natural and organic remedies to cure his ailments. Traditional medicines are often harsh and may be more detrimental in the long run. There are several safer alternatives to alleviate your dog’s discomfort and itchiness.

Good Diet to Combat Dry Dog Skin

For example, an adjustment in diet may be just what he needs. Omega fatty acids as found in marine fish, and vitamins A, B complex and E are extremely helpful in adding moisture back in his skin and coat. Using mild shampoos for his baths will also be beneficial to him. Never use human shampoos and conditioner because we have a different pH balance from dogs. Canine shampoos that are specially formulated to be gentle on his skin and coat should be used. Aloe vera, vitamin E, oatmeal and chamomile are some natural ingredients that are fantastic for dog skin care.

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