Dog Skin Problems

Did you know that a lot of dog skin problems are actually caused by the infinitesimal flea? I know, it’s extremely annoying that something so little can wreak so much havoc in our dog’s health and disposition.

Fleas and ticks are a pain not just on the butt, but the whole of the poor canine’s body as well. They comprise of 10-15% of all dog allergies and while having fleas may not seem as life threatening as the other sickness and diseases, they make our dog’s life miserable—no one wants that for our pets.

What are the symptoms that your dog has fleas? Obviously, it causes them to feel very itchy all over. They will not only scratch, but bite and gnaw at the parts of their bodies as well. You will see dogs rub their faces, which often leads to ear infections. Dogs with protruding eyes like the pugs should especially be careful because they might accidentally damage their corneas while scratching their face.

Because of their intense scratching, they will have bald spots in their bodies. Many times this will be in the “flea triangle”—no this is not a market place, but the dog’s hind legs, back and rear end (forming a triangular area). Some patches of fur may also be discoloured because of the saliva from all the chewing and biting.

Basically if your dog has flea infestation—it is not hard to Spot, pun intended. The bad thing is that it does not stop just there. The fleas will lead to more dog skin problems especially when you do not do anything about it. They will keep scratching until the wounds are open, sore and infected. This is very painful and must be dealt with as soon as possible.

Solve your dog skin problems, now!

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