Dog Kidney Failure

A common sickness that our pets suffer from is dog kidney failure. It is important that we know the symptoms, treatments and ways we can avoid this so that this will not have to happen to our beloved pet’s life.

There are two types of dog kidney failure. Acute kidney failure occurs when the animal accidentally ingests something poisonous like gasoline, or antifreeze or something. The substance immediately triggers a breakdown in the dog’s kidneys and the effects are immediate and often fatal. If you see your dog eat something questionable, quickly get him to drink a lot of water and pee it off to cleanse his system. Bring him to the vet right away.

Now the more common kind of kidney failure is chronic kidney failure, or chronic renal failure. This happens over time as the dog eats food that are not good for his system. More often than not, commercial pet food that have a lot of fillers and artificial additives are the cause of this sickness.

This is the reason why it is really important to give your dog a good diet early on. Some people opt for the cheaper commercial brands but they don’t know that they are actually doing their dog more harm than good. Premium dog brands are a few dollars higher, but the dividends are a healthier and happier dog for years to come.

Avoid food that have high levels of sodium and potassium. Some people say that dogs with kidney problems should avoid food with protein, the problem with this is that dogs are carnivorous and they need meat. Instead of looking for low protein food sources, look for good quality protein that can easily be digested by his body.

Of course if you are at all able, a raw and natural diet is the best type of diet to feed your dog. Fresh food that are chock full of natural vitamins and minerals boost his immune system and help him better fight off infections and other canine sicknesses.

Aside from a good diet, ensure that your dog gets to exercise regularly. I don’t mean intense physical activities like Frisbee and the like (these extreme sports are actually harmful for his bones and joints over a period of time). I mean jogging, walking or even swimming. What exercise does is improve his circulation, as well as his cardiac health.

More than that, even if you do feed your dog healthy stuff, if he is overweight he will be prone to other medical health issues as well. Counting calories is a good way to make sure that your dog doesn’t become obese and suffer from diabetes, arthritis, heart complications, etc. Going out to exercise also encourages him to pee a lot, thereby keeping his system as cleansed as often as possible.

Our dogs are important to us, that is why we need to invest in their best health at all times. In return, we get a healthy and happy dog that will be with us for many memorable years ahead. Go to the links in this page to find out more about dog kidney failure and what you can do about it today.

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