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For every loving pet owner out there – dog health is a topic they always want to learn about. A healthier dog means a happier dog and who wouldn’t want to go home to a beautiful and happy pet when they get home from a long and tiring day at work?

Even though we wish that our four legged friends are indestructible, the sad truth is that they’re not. At least with us if we are sick, we can do something about it. With our pets, they feel the pain, but they don’t even know what’s wrong with them and how they can make it right. It is up to us to find out more about the common canine health problems and what we can do to keep them as healthy as possible.

Many problems in out dog’s health are actually caused by parasites. They attach themselves to your dog and feed on his blood. This results in severe itchiness. Your dog will gnaw and scratch so much that he will have hair loss in several parts of his body. It might be a small enemy, but fleas and ticks actually make for a canine’s miserable life.

Aside from the obvious, outward manifestation of flea infestation, not dealing with parasites can lead to more serious diseases. Anemia, ear and skin infections, diarrhea and even heart problems are among the problems that parasites cause. There are many kinds of parasites and canine worms so you need to consult with the vet for a thorough examination so you know what exactly what you are dealing with.

Another common dog health problem are kidney complications. Our dogs have a very curious streak and will munch on objects that he finds interesting. A lot of times, we cannot be around ALL the time to monitor every single thing that enters their mouths. If they happen to ingest something toxic to them, it can trigger an allergic reaction, or worse, acute kidney failure.

When this happens, you need to induce vomiting as soon as possible. For some substances that are extremely poisonous to dogs, it will not take very long before the toxin sets in. Get him to drink a lot of water to cleanse his system from every trace of whatever it is he ate.

More often than not though, the cause for kidney problems is the wrong kind of diet. Imagine eating junk food and sodas all day for several years—it wouldn’t be surprising for health issues to crop up now would it? It’s the same way with our dogs. You may not know it but many of the dog food that is being sold in the groceries today are packed with empty calories and useless fillers that add no nutritional value to our dog’s life at all.

It may seem like a big chunk of change that our budget cannot afford, but it is super important that you feed your dog premium pet food. Natural and healthy dog food are loaded with the essential vitamins and nutrients that our dogs need to enjoy a healthy life. You will be spending a few extra dollars, yes—but you will not have to spend on future medical bills and vet fees in the years to come. Now isn’t that a better deal to take advantage of?

What do you need to look for in healthy dog food? First of all, check the ingredients of the food. Dogs are carnivorous and they need premium grade meat as the primary ingredient in their food (except of course if their vet tells you otherwise). Don’t buy dog food with “meat by-products” listed in their ingredients. Meat by-products are nothing more than parts of meat that are rendered “unfit for human consumption” like beaks, claws, blood, snout, etc. The rule of thumb is, if you don’t want to feed it to anyone of your family member, you wouldn’t want to feed it to your dog.

Many premium dog food brands have different kinds of dog food to fit different dietary needs. For pregnant, nursing or racing dogs—they might need more protein than the average dog. Some dogs are food allergic so you will want to give him a hypoallergenic diet. Choose freeze dried or dehydrated dog food over other forms of processing methods because these are the safest and mildest forms of food processing.

Natural food free of chemicals are also going to help in preventing UTI (urinary tract infections) in dogs. In fact, many dog diseases can be avoided through good diet and exercise. Making sure that your dog enjoys regular physical exercise will not only improve his heart health, it will also keep his weight down. Obese dogs are prone to a myriad of health problems like arthritis, diabetes, heat intolerance, skin infections, reproductive complications and digestive problems. It’s not enough that you ensure good food enters his system, you also have to monitor his calorie intake to prevent these health issues from happening to your dog.

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