Dog Health Problems

Dog Health ProblemsThere are many dog health problems that are going around. We may want to think that our beloved pets are strong and indestructible, but the truth of the matter is – they’re not. We need to know more about the health issues our dogs if we want them to enjoy a long and happy life.

Dog Health Problems – Poor Diet

Dog health problems can often be attributed to a poor diet. As such, it is critical that we give them the most nutritional food we can. I don’t know about you, but I know I feel sluggish and gross if I eat too much junk food for a week. It’s the same with our pets. If we give them food with zero nutritional value, it is as good as serving them popcorn and chips all the time. You cannot expect your dog to look and feel good if he doesn’t have the right food in his system.

So what kinds of food are best served to our pets? Many of you might know that our dogs are natural carnivores. They thrive on meat and fresh fruits and vegetables. Some people feel uncomfortable in giving raw fare to pets but actually, before they were domesticated – dogs lived in the wild. The most ideal diet that we can give our dogs is one that closely mimics their diet in the natural environment.

If you are at all able, give them fresh meat and vegetables for their meals, and pieces of fruit for snacks. Some dogs, when given fruits with their meals get indigestion so fruits are good as treats. Bananas, apples and melons are favorites of dogs – make sure you remove the seeds because this is toxic to the canine’s systems.

Carrots are fantastic vegetables because they not only promote good eyesight and health, they also help keep the dog’s breath smelling cleaner. Broccoli, green peas and celery are other great examples of vegetables that can be added your dog’s meals. Another advantage of serving fresh fruits and vegetables is that these are laden with moisture that is extremely beneficial for the dog’s health.

Now, many people do not like giving raw meat because let’s face it – it sounds kinda yucky. If you prefer to cook the meat, go ahead. There are still a lot of essential minerals in meat that will be good for the dog. Remove the bones before boiling the meat because cooked bones tend to splinter when chewed. Give raw bones to dogs to improve their teeth and add calcium and potassium in their diet. Or else chop and grind up cooked bones and sprinkle all over the food.

Dog Health Problems – Food Sensitivities

There are instances that dogs are food sensitive and the cause is usually the meat. You can find out which ingredient the dog is allergic to by putting him on a hypoallergenic diet. Gradually add an ingredient over the course of a few weeks. Changing his diet too fast will result in stress that may be harmful to the dog’s well-being. Once you determine what it is, eliminate it from his diet and look for other healthy alternatives for it.

Of course, many pet owners do not have the luxury of time and energy to create these great natural diets for their dogs. If this is you, no worries – you can give him dog food that will be good for his health. Premium dog food and health supplements are known to counter attack dog health problems before they escalate. Your dog will not only be ailment free – they will look good and feel good as well.

You will notice that premium dog food are more expensive than the commercial pet food you find in random grocery aisles. This is because these brands use high quality ingredients and formulations that are good for dogs. Too many cheap commercial pet food are crammed with chemicals and preservatives so they look good without having substantial nutrient value in them at all. You will save yourself a lot of dollars in future health bills when you invest in healthy food early on.

Look for dog food that are dehydrated. What this means basically is that the moisture is removed from the food to preserve it – it is the mildest and safest processing method that can be used in dog food. Soak them in warm water for 30 minutes, add in some chopped meat and vegetables and you have just served your dog some gourmet healthy dog food.

Freeze dried food are also good. The rule of thumb is, the closer it looks to its natural form, the better. Keep away from kibble or dog food full of preservatives that will cause more harm to your dog’s health in the long run.

Remember to check with the vet before you decide to change your dog’s diet. Your pet may have some dog health problems that need an adjustment in his diet and lifestyle. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your dog’s health so proceed with caution in the food and the products that you give him. Click on these links for more helpful dog information today.

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