Dog Cancer Diet

Dogs With Cancer Need a Specialized Diet

Dogs with cancer have a very weak immune system. Their body will need a specialized diet to help them gain strength and to combat the weakness that chemotherapy may have caused them. They would also need this to be able to build new tissues that their medication has destroyed. Without a proper diet their body will used up all their remaining tissues and leave them with atrophy and other complications. Dog cancer diet then becomes an essential part in helping your pet towards a full recovery free of any tumors and other diseases it may have caused.

Dog Cancer Diet

Dogs with cancer that do not receive the much needed protein, nutrition, omega 3, 6 and 9 through their diet are at risk from suffering muscle weakness, severely weakened kidneys and liver complications. Such complications may lead to the cancer worsening and even speeding up the spread and growth of tumor in the other organs of the dog’s body. Now that we have established that diet is an important part towards a dog’s recovery, read on and arm yourselves with the knowledge of what you can and cannot feed your dog suffering from cancer.

Dog Cancer DietAn important note that one must remember is to veer away from feeding your dogs grain. Dogs are meat eaters. Their body was never meant to eat grains alone. Their digestive system, which cannot process such components, can attest to that. It is unfortunate though that most dog foods in the market even the most expensive ones contain corn, wheat and rice. Help your dog by only buying all meat dog foods.  If you want to help your dog towards achieving that much needed energy chuck those grain filled dog food and feed him lots of animal protein and omega 3, 6 and 9 instead. There are a lot of choices in the market. If you are not comfortable with buying canned and processed dog food you can also make your own mix. Animal proteins you must include in your dog’s diet are canned sardines, cottage cheese, ground beef, eggs, ground turkey and chicken.  High fat food is also said to be good for your dog. You can give them raw or cooked fat – either way their body will thank you for it.

When it comes to the much needed omega elements turn to fish oil. Such fatty acids have been studied thoroughly and have been claimed by professional to be an effective tool in shrinking and eliminating tumors. Flax seed oil is also a good source of fatty acids. There are some dogs who who do not like the taste of flax seed oil. In cases like this it will be best to mix the flax seed oil with the dog’s daily ration of meat.

The best meal to give your dog will be an all meat food mixed with raw ingredients of protein. The dog’s stomach has high acid levels. They are not susceptible to bacteria unlike their human owners. They will be able to digest raw food just fine. Give your dogs a fighting chance with cancer and make sure that he gets the correct dog cancer diet. Medicines, chemotherapy and surgery will not work alone. Your dog needs your dedication and patience when it comes to effectively combating cancer.


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