Dog Allergy Symptoms

Dog allergy symptoms are a common concern that pet owners want to know about. If there is something you can do about it, you wouldn’™t want your beloved dog to suffer from needless pain and inconvenience.

Canine allergies are similar to humans insomuch as the condition can be triggered by a foreign substance that the dog’s system is not capable of handling. Most of the times the culprit behind these allergic reaction is food and drug, an airborne substance that is inhaled, irritants that contact the skin and for dogs, fleas and other parasites that feed of from their blood. It is very important that you find out which particular irritant you are facing when it comes to your dog allergies so that you can isolate the problem and remove it from your dog’s immediate environment as soon as possible.

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Now for humans, the normal reaction to allergy would be manifested through our upper respiratory system. The symptoms of an allergic person would be difficulty in breathing and other such signs that pertain to our lungs. In our dogs however, dog allergy symptoms would often target the skin. You will know if a dog is experiencing allergies when there is a noticeable difference in his fur and skin.

Hives are a common symptom for canine allergies. Hives look like raised, round, red and itchy spots that appear throughout the dog’s face and body. The dog’s eyelids also swell during this time. More often than not, hives occur soon after exposure to the allergen and will disappear soon after the dog’™s condition is stabilized. Insect bites and topical medicines are usually to blame for this and if you know which ones he is allergic to, you should stop using them right away. Benadryl can help alleviate the pain, but always consult the vet for any treatment you give to your dog.

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Sometimes when the dog experiences hypersensitivity to an allergen, hives is not the only symptom the dog experiences, anaphylactic shock may also occur. Anaphylactic shock is a serious reaction to immediate allergies. The symptoms to this includes vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, labored breathing and even death. If your dog seems to be acting unusually, or experiences skin anomalies, then you should bring him to the vet right away. It may be nothing, but it is not worth the risk of your dog’s life.

Other Types of Dog Allergy Symptoms

Many dogs also get allergies from inhaled irritants. You will notice dogs with this condition will cough, wheeze and have runny nose and watery eyes.

Orijen - Hypoallergenic Dog Foods for Dog Allergy SymptomsIf your dog is allergic to certain ingredients in food, then you will have to give him a hypoallergenic diet. Give him food with components he has never eaten yet and see if his allergic reaction disappears. When your dog is completely normal, slowly introduce ingredients again to his diet to find out which one is causing him allergies. Create two or three diets without that ingredient (it’™s usually a protein source) and rotate them throughout the year. Sometimes dogs develop allergies on ingredients that he previously didn’t seem allergic to so don’™t be surprised when that happens.

There are some breeds that are said to be more susceptible to allergies, but this doesn’™t mean that other dog breeds will not develop an allergic reaction of some sort during the course of his life. Your best course of action is to monitor your dog’™s appearance and behavior for any change so you can arrest the allergies at the soonest possible time. The earlier you detect , the more options you have and the higher the chance of your pet’™s complete recovery.

Remember, clean your home every day, especially in certain times of the year when pollens and other possible airborne irritants are more prevalent. You may not be able to control the outside environment, but you can make sure you have a clean home your dog will come home to. Invest in an air purifier that will be beneficial to your whole household, and remove pieces of wood outside your home that are home to fleas and other potential causes of sicknesses. Use natural and organic products on your dog that are less likely to cause dog allergy symptoms as well.

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