Canine Kidney Disease

Canine kidney disease is a terrible ailment that our dogs should never have to suffer through.  It not only decreases the years in our dog’s life, it also compromises the quality of it as well.

Unfortunately, canine kidney disease is a fairly common condition that dogs develop. It is usually caused by a bad diet, however it is reported that some breeds seem to be more susceptible to it. These breeds are cocker spaniels, lhasa apsos, shih tzus, German shepherds, Doberman pinschers, bull terriers, golden retrievers, soft coated wheaton terriers, Norwegian elkhounds and samoyeds.

The job of the kidneys is to filter out the wastes in the dog’s system. Over time the ability of the kidney to function properly decreases and as a result, the other organs in the canine’s body get jeopardized also. The toxicity in the bloodstream is aggravated especially when the dogs develop kidney stones on top of kidney failure.

One of the sure signs that the dog is suffering from kidney failure is excessive thirstiness and frequent urination. He is trying to compensate for the problem that is happening inside his body. Your pet will also feel nauseated, listless, weakness and bad breath. If this is happening to your pet, it is critical that you bring him to the vet right away.

The best way to immediately do something to rectify your dog’s condition is by giving him a lot of clean drinking water, but don’t use tap water. Tap water has a lot of questionable substances that need to be filtered out as well. You want to strengthen the kidney, not make it work harder. Bring him out for his daily exercise to encourage him to flush out the toxins as often as possible.

Create a diet that is as natural as possible. If you are able, feed him human grade meat, fruits and vegetables for his meals. Fresh vegetables and fruits are especially beneficial because this will add moisture in his diet that the dog needs right now.

If you are not able to do this, you can use dog food but make sure you buy premium food that don’t have preservatives and artificial flavorings. Chemicals are very harmful for the dog. You might think this is just a small amount but add it up over time and it will eventually take its toll on your dog’s body. It is significantly better for you and your dog to give him healthy dog food from the start because it will impede the progress of canine sickness and diseases in the future.

Be aware of dog food that have high levels of sodium, salt and potassium. Some dog owners do not believe in serving their dog a lot of protein if they know their dogs have kidney stones because these elements harden crystallized stones in your dog’s urethra and bladder. The problem with this is that the lack of protein will result in a malnourished dog. The best solution is to give your dog high quality, easily processed protein in his food.

Look for supplements that will also be helpful in improving your dog’s kidney condition. Go for natural herbs and organic substances instead of synthetic vitamins. Synthetic substances do not absorb as well as their natural counterpart, and will but more strain on the dog’s kidneys.

Moreover, herbs and plant substances do not only repair the liver, they also help cleanse the bloodstream, strengthen the immune system and improve the other organs as well. This holistic approach to your dog’s health will not only vastly improve the quality of his life, it will also enhance your dog’s appearance also. He will have clear eyes, good skin, shiny hair and a high level of energy—great qualities that all dog owners are looking for.

It is also vital that you engage your dog in physical activity as much as possible. This may be difficult in the beginning because the dog feels weak and lethargic. Get him started slowly anyway. There are so many benefits of exercise. It improves your dog’s cardiac health and circulation, and fortifies the other organs in his body as well. The stronger your dog is, the less likely he becomes susceptible to canine sickness and diseases.

Now while it is more common that canine kidney diseases are caused by bad diet, kidney or renal failure may also be triggered by accidental ingestion of poisonous substances. You have to keep your dog away from things that are very bad for your dog. Harsh medicines, antifreeze and gasoline are some things that will poison your dog. Be careful also of chocolates, caffeine, seeds in fruits because these are really dangerous for the dog. If you see your dog eating these ingredients, induce vomiting right away, let him drink plenty of water and bring him to the vet immediately.

Go to the links in this site to find out more about canine kidney disease and what you can do to avoid this from happening to your dog.

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