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beautiful cocker spanielIf you have been a dog owner for very long, you know that canine health is an important issue you need to be knowledgeable about. Unfortunately our dogs do get sick and when they do, they wouldn’t know how to treat themselves properly. It is up to us to find out how to keep our dogs healthy, and away from common canine sickness and diseases the best way we can, so they can live a long and happy life.

Canine Health – Keep Them Healthy!

Actually, the best way to prevent your dogs from getting sick is to keep them as healthy as possible. Many of today’s ailments can be easily prevented with the right diet and nutrients so make this one of your top priorities with your dog.

Dietary Tips for Canine Health

Gourmet Recipes for Your Dog!What are good food we can serve our dog. First of all, as much as you are able, it is always ideal to feed your dog raw and natural food. Dogs used to live in the wild before they were domesticated and they thrived from feeding off fresh meat, vegetables and fruits – keep that in mind next time someone tells you that raw meat is bad for your dog. Uncooked fare may seem nasty to us humans, but they are completely safe for our dogs. Dogs have a shorter intestinal tract, a very acidic one at that so bacteria will not be able to survive very long in their intestines.

Chicken, beef, lamb, fish and pork are acceptable protein sources for dogs. Sometimes these protein sources can trigger allergic reactions for some extremely food sensitive dogs, the way to find out is to put them on a hypoallergenic diet – removing these ingredients in their diets gradually. If their rashes, itching and redness go away, then you know that one of these culprits should be eliminated from his diet. Find out which one is it by slowly introducing ingredients into his system again (this may take weeks so be patient). It is a good idea to create two or three diet plans for your dogs because they can develop new allergies over a course of time. Rotate these diets every few months to stabilize your dog’s condition.

Fresh vegetables and fruits also add moisture to your dog’s diet. Broccoli, carrots and green beans are just a few examples of nutrient-ridden ingredients that dogs love. Fruits are better served as treats instead of part of the meal because sometimes it can cause indigestion to sensitive dogs.

Be very careful of what you put in your dog’s mouthaE”not everything you find in your pantry are actually good for them. Chocolates, excessive amounts of garlic and onions, seeds and caffeine are bad for the dog and in some cases, can even be fatal. If you see your dog ingest harmful substances, induce vomiting right away, let him drink a lot of water to flush out the toxins in his system, and take him to the vet as soon as possible.

A Common Canine Health Problem

Remember, kidney failure is a common problem in dogs. Chronic kidney failure occurs over time when the dog is given to bad diet, while acute kidney failure is caused by ingestion of poisonous substances (or very strong medications). The kidney’s function to filter out the toxins in the dog’s body is severely compromised and uremic wastes in his bloodstream will adversely affect the other organs in his body. Cheap commercial pet food is often to blame with these kidney problems.

Canine Health - the Right FoodNow, while not all expensive dog food are good for dogs, it is highly likely that cheap pet food is good for them. The reason why premium dog food brands are a bit pricey is because they use quality ingredients and formulations in their bags. When you invest in good dog food, you are investing in his canine health.

Think about it, the dollars you might have saved with the substandard dog food will go to your dog’s future vet bills, medications and expenses. Look for dog food that closely resemble its original form (dehydrated and freeze dried dog food are the best) with a formula that mimics its natural diet in the wild. Remember to engage your dog in light physical exercise every day to encourage good circulation, improved cardiac health and strong organs. Find out more about canine health today.

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