Canine Health Information

Every pet owner wants to know more on canine health information. Of course, our dogs are more than pets – they are family to us and we want to do everything we can to ensure a wonderful quality of life for them. The rewards of this is more than an illness free canine – it is a happy dog that anyone will be lucky to go home to.

Canine Health Information

There are many things we need to know about canine health information. I don’t know about you, but I used to think that our dogs are pretty sturdy creatures and they don’t need too much care and attention in the health department – that is until my sister’s dog died because of some commercial pet food recall. The heartbreak that ensued afterwards made me realize that we need to be more particular of what goes in and out of our dogs system.

Canine Health Information – Diet

Truly, a good diet is one of the major proponents of good health – for both humans and dogs alike. Can you imagine eating bacon and chips all week long and still feeling full of energy? Of course not, right (believe me, I’ve tried)? It’s the same with our dogs. If you want a healthy dog, you need to start with the basics – healthy food loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

Now, I am sure most, if not all pet owners knowingly feed their dogs food that aren’t good for them. People go by the ads and recommendations of friends and dog sites to make a decision on the pet food they get. The problem is that several sites are actually paid to endorse certain dog food brands as part of their promotional campaign. Moreover, the pet food industry is a multi-billion business that can afford to create fantastic ads that do not necessarily give the buyer an accurate picture of the product they are advertising. This is where good canine health information comes in.

Canine Health Information TipsIf you want to know what is good for your pet – a working knowledge on what is healthy (and not just what the pet food businessmen tell you) and what is not is critical. You yourself can make a qualified decision on what to buy because you know better and you will not be misled by anyone or anything else.

OK so with food the rule of thumb is, the closer the food is to its original form, the better. I know those kibble and bone shaped snacks are cute, but they aren’t necessarily the best choice of food for our pets. Usually these types of food have a lot of chemicals added to it to stabilize the appearance and taste of the food. It might not look harmful at first, but it will definitely take its toll on the dogs body in the long run.

As much as you are able, feed your dog a natural diet. That’s right – uncooked meat, vegetables and fruits are the best choice of food for their daily meals. People sometimes worry about the safety of raw meat in a dog’s system but actually, the natural nutrients this gives them will boost their immune system and help them become stronger and have better disposition.

If you don’t have the time to prepare these kinds of meal, it’s OK. Your dog is not in danger of being malnourished. You do need to find a healthy alternative in dog food, and this will most likely not be in the form of commercial pet food products.

I strongly recommend that you buy premium pet food for your dog. It may cost you a few extra dollars, but the pay-off is well worth it. Your dog will not be as sickly, he will have a high level of energy, and he will look good as well. Look for products that are dehydrated or freeze-dried because these are the mildest forms of food processing that is healthy for animals.

Canine Health Information – Supplements

Aside from dog food, you can supplement your dog’s meals with vitamins made especially for dogs. There are several canine supplements that are available in the market today – choose the ones made of herbs and organic substances. Don’t forget to bring your dog to the vet for periodic check-ups to update the status of his health. Early detection and treatment can save your dog’s life one day.

So go ahead, learn more about canine health information or canine health supplements today

Canine Health Supplement

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