Canine Diseases

When it comes to canine diseases, you can never be too careful. Sometimes what we think is a minor case of the itchies becomes a full fledged case of serious worm infestation—complete with anemia, bleeding and vomiting. Now this doesn’t mean that you jump every time your dog sneezes. You don’t have to be afraid if you know about the symptoms and treatments that are available for your dog.

Let it be known that even though you can do your best to make your dog healthy, some breeds have predisposed genetic disorders that you have no control over. If this is the case, the most you can do is manage the condition the best way that you can so that your dog can enjoy a relatively normal and happy life.

When is a dog normal? A healthy dog will look good. He will have clear eyes, skin and have shiny fur. There should be no discharge in his ears and nose. There are many instances that a dog suffers from ear infection because of constant scratching to the face. Since dogs are not exactly known for their hygienic tendencies, bacteria can fester and escalate to infections before long.

Aside from ear infections, dogs also frequently suffer through skin infections. The most common culprit behind this are fleas, ticks and mites. The excessive itchiness causes the dog to scratch, bite and lick at his wounds until they break skin and fester. Even though fleas seem like a trivial concern, dealing with this as soon as possible will save your dog a lot of sleepless nights and secondary skin infections.

There are a myriad of health problems that are aggravated because of obesity. An overweight dog, although cute for many, are a walking time bomb. Heart and kidney problems, diabetes, skeletal issues are among some of the painful and debilitating effects of a dog that had way too much treats and too little time outdoors. For the most part, dogs like to romp and play so bringing them out for their daily exercise is an easy way to bond and keep him fit. Some dogs like the Great Dane and St. Bernard are more laidback and lazy so if this is your dog, you need to get his big butt outside and get his muscles moving. Exercise not only improve the cardiac health of the dog, it also enhances circulation and fortifies the other organs in his body as well. Avoid intense physical activities that put a strain on is joints like Frisbee. Opt instead for light jogs, walking around the block, swimming and going up and down the stairs.

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure your dog’s health is a good diet. The food that goes into your dog’s system will go a long way in determining his future health status. Do not feed your dog cheap, commercial food that are laden with chemicals and preservatives. Raw and natural is always better. Fresh meat, fruits and vegetables make for one healthy and happy canine. You can look online for healthy recipes and diet plans that will complement your dog’s lifestyle.

Now if you do not have the time or energy to create natural meals for your dog, there are several premium pet food brands that will do. Look for human grade ingredients (no meat by-products please!) and mild processing methods that are safe for the dog. When you give your dog a nutritious diet, you will not have to worry about canine diseases attacking his body.

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