Dog Food for Skin Allergies

If you want to help your dog stop itching, you need to give him the right dog food for skin allergies. Skin allergies is after all, is the reason why your dog is scratching and biting himself like crazy.

There are several kinds of dog allergies but the most common of them is flea allergy dermatitis, food allergies and atopic dermatitis. They all have pretty much the same symptoms—extreme itchiness, biting, licking at his body parts (to the point of self-mutilation), hair loss, wounds and scabs due to secondary skin infections.

Many times the best way to help your dog get over his allergies is through giving him a good diet. Dog food for skin allergies is an effective way to alleviate his discomfort and pain. Even though you know that allergies is not life threatening, not doing anything about it will make your dog miserable and more than that, will cause him to look mangy and dirty as well.

The most recommended dog food for skin allergies is undoubtedly those that are as healthy and organic as possible. Stay away from commercial dog food that are rife with insubstantial fillers and ingredients that are devoid of nutrition. They only have empty calories and are loaded with chemicals that will only aggravate your dog’s allergic condition.

If you are able, give your dog fresh dog food as much as possible. Raw bones, human grade meat, fresh fruits and vegetables are laden with moisture and natural nutrients that boost your dog’s immune system, better equipping them from the onset of any sickness and disease. The closer his diet mimics his diet in the wild, the less chances he will have on developing allergies.

Of course, if this is not an option for you, or if you are not completely comfortable in serving your dog raw meat for his meals, there are several premium dog food that you can choose from. These high quality dog food may be a few dollars more expensive, but they are infinitely better for your dog than the commercial dog food brands. Invest in your dog’s nutrition and you will see a marked improvement in his appearance, health and general disposition.

Aside from food, also use mild and herbal shampoos to bathe your dog with to avoid drying out his skin. Aloe vera, oatmeal and olive oil are just a few examples of natural remedies you can apply on the affected areas in your dog’s skin. Consult the vet before making any drastic changes in your dog’s diet and products used.

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