Dog Food for Kidney Failure

If you have a pet with kidney problems, then you need to look for dog food for kidney failure. This can significantly improve the quality of your dog’s life.

Chronic kidney failure is a fairly common sickness in dogs. You will know if your dog is suffering from bad kidneys if he seems to be urinating more frequently than normal and want to drink water a lot. A dehydrated dog’s skin is less elastic. When you pinch his skin and it takes more than 5 seconds to go back to its original spot, then he is dehydrated.

The more advanced stage of chronic renal or kidney failure is loss of weight, lack of appetite, lethargy, nausea and diarrhea. Check his movements—does he seem to be in pain and is intolerant to exercise? He may have developed kidney stones that are severely painful. High blood pressure and seizures are also signs that your dog needs medical help for his kidneys right away.

Usually dog kidney problems is the result of a bad diet for many years. This is why is it very important that you invest in good dog food for your pet. As much as you are able, feed your dog natural food—yes, raw meat and vegetables are the best type of diet to give him. These are rich in natural vitamins and minerals that boost his immune system and help him fight off infections and diseases.

Of course not everybody has the time and effort to give their dog this type of diet. If this is you, then worry yourself not. Your dog is not doomed to suffer a life of questionable nutrition. There are several premium dog food brands out there that are extremely beneficial for your dog’s health.

Now, these premium dog food brands may be a bit pricier than your average bag of dog food—it’s well worth it. The reason why they are priced accordingly is because it is devoid of fillers and artificial preservatives that are detrimental to your dog’s health. Bad food will not only result in kidney problems, but a myriad of other more serious health issues as well.

When you look for dog food for kidney failure, look for food that have a low sodium and potassium content. These minerals are said to increase stone formation. Some experts say that you should look for low protein food as well, however this may cause malnutrition because dogs need protein in their diet. Look instead for food that have high, GOOD quality protein that can be easily processed by the body.

Replenish your dog with a lot of fresh, clean water and encourage him to urinate often. This will flush out the toxins in his bloodstream easily. Regular exercise is also good for his circulation, and his cardiac health as well.

Find out more about the best dog food for kidney failure and other helpful dog health tips here.

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