Canidae Dog Food Review

Think of your pet and go through this checklist: does he have a lustrous and shiny coat? Bright eyes? Strong bones? Healthy teeth and gums? Is he energetic with few behavioral problems? These are all the signs of a healthy and vital canine companion. Giving your dog the right food can help ensure that you will be spending more time playing and being loved by your best friend. Remember that your dog only has you to rely on to live a long and happy life, that is why studying about Canidae dog food review is helpful for his good health. Canidae dog food review

Canidae has been around since 1993 as a privately-owned food company based in San Luis Obispo, California. Canidae manufactures both dog and cat food products, under the name Felidae. This brand is slightly more expensive than other dog food brands but are still available for a moderate price. The Canidae product line features both dry and canned formula and has the following variants: Canidae ® All Life Stages, Canidae ® Lamb & Rice, Canidae ® Chicken & Rice, Canidae ® Beef & Fish, Canidae Platinum ®, Grain Free pureELEMENTS, Grain Free pureSEA, Grain Free pureSKY, Grain Free pureLAND and Canidae ® Single Grain Protein Plus.

Canidae states that its products use only the highest quality U.S. ingredients and that all formulations are produced in USDS, FDA and AAFCO approved facilities. Canidae also declares that the fresh meats and meals that go into its formulations as well as the high quality grains, fruits and vegetables come from human grade producers and are processed in human grade facilities. Its dry and canned goods are all naturally preserved.

Canidae Dog Food Review – Ingredients

Healthy Happy DogsFor this Canidae dog food review, let us look at the ingredients contained by Canidae ® All Life Stages Formula. When looking at the packaging, take note that the first three ingredients listed are meat meals – chicken meal, turkey meal and lamb meal. These are meat concentrates and thus contain nearly 300% more protein than fresh meat. This is good since dogs are naturally carnivores and so would need a lot of meat or protein in their diet.

The ingredients that come after are mostly grains – brown rice, white rice, rice bran, oatmeal. It also contains potato, barley and peas. Peas are not just a quality source of fiber, they are also a source of protein. Canidae also contains chicken fat, a source of omega-6 fatty acid essential for life. Although these are further down the ingredients list, you should also take note that Canidae has included prebiotics, fruits and vegetables to their products.

If we will judge by ingredients alone, Canidae would appear to be an above-average brand of dog food. However, ingredient quality is not the final measure of what is good. Meat content is very important when it comes to dog food. Some other reviews have estimated that the brand contains an average of 26% protein content and a mean fat level of 14%. Meaning carbohydrates would about to about 52%. This is below-average protein content. Canidae appears to be a fairly grain heavy food.

A final word on this Canidae dog food review, no dog food is appropriate for every life stage, lifestyle or health condition. You must take time to choose wisely and make informed decisions by taking time to research on the different brands available in the market.

Canidae dog food review

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