Best Dog Food Reviews

How to Spot the Best Dog Food Reviews

Best Dog Foods Reviews Identify Healthy Food for DogsThe best dog food reviews are not only informative, but reliable and honest as well. Unfortunately, we have too many commercial dog food brands that pay ads that “review” them and give them a high rating that is not deserving.

If you want to find out what makes the best dog food reviews, you should have an idea on what constitutes healthy dog food. This way, you can make your own judgment on the product, whether ita€™s good or bad for your dog, then compare it with the reviews of the dog food ratings you see online. Those that are consistent with your research, will most likely be a reliable source of information when it comes to dog food brands.

So what do you look for in a dog food? Ideally, dogs should have a diet that is natural and organic. The most ideal diet is the BARF or Bones and Raw Food (or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet. It pretty much explains itself, it’s a diet that need no cooking or processing. Of course the majority of well-meaning pet owners do not have the luxury of preparing these meals for their pets so you have the next best thing– premium dog food. Canidae dog food review

The best pet foods are those that are natural and organic. Look for products that are processed through dehydration or freeze dried since these are the mildest and safest form of preservation. Of course canned and other wet pet food are also fine, especially for picky eaters but as much as possible, dry dog food should be served as the healthier alternative.

Check the first five ingredients of the package. Meat should figure in largely in the meals, and not “meat by-product” that have no nutritional value. The best dog food reviews will also recommend grain free food that prevent allergies, and promote a diet that is most similar to the dog’s ancestral diet.

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