Best Dog Food For Small Dogs

Bringing home a new puppy or dog is one of the best things in life. You are not just getting a cute pet, you are introducing the newest member of the family into the fold. Naturally, you want to give him everything he needs to grow up to be strong, happy and healthy. If you have one of the smaller breeds, you may want to give him the best dog food for small dogs to ensure this goal will come to pass.

Difference Between the Best Dog Food for Small Dogs and Other Dog Foods?

Best Dog Food for Small Dogs - ArtemisIf you are like me, you might be thinking what’s the difference between giving your puppy the best dog food for small dogs or any other type of dog food. I mean, they have four legs, fur and bark right? The difference in their size shouldn’™t make much of a difference in their diet.

Well, yes and no. Small dog breeds do tend to have slightly different nutritional requirements to their bigger counterparts. Giving your small dog breed good dog food is important to ensure that they remain strong and healthy for all of their life – which tends to be longer than the life span of bigger breeds.

So what do you look for in food for your smaller breed? Of course, feeding them appropriate amounts is also very important, because overfeeding them can prove disastrous to their diet and health. Their little bodies don’t need to ingest huge amounts of food before they start piling on the weight.

As with all dogs, if your small dog is a picky eater, you should offer the food, and then remove the dish when feeding time is over and give him a fresh meal for the next time. This is so that he learns to eat when the food is offered.  Wellness Small Breed Dog Food

Dogs need a lot of protein, even more so if you are very active, which many small breeds tend to be. Now, many people do not like giving their dogs too much of protein because they feel that doing so will contribute to a higher risk of skeletal disease. This is an inaccurate picture according to most experts. High quality proteins (which should come from fresh meat and not empty fillers and poor protein substitutes) are very important for dogs to grow well and should comprise a good part of their diet. Skeletal problems and other health concerns like arthritis and diabetes are more the result of overfeeding dogs early on. However, that said, it is also important that your dog receives plenty of vegetable matter as well. Most experts agree that grains are the least important part of a dog’s diet, and should be given only in very small quantities.

Also, aside from giving him the best dog food for small dogs, have time to regularly exercise your dog to keep his weight down and his cardiovascular health up.


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