Best Dog Food For Puppies

Are you looking for the best dog food for puppies? You have a wonderful new dog and you want to make sure that you feed him a healthy diet that will help him grow to be a strong and happy dog.

Looking for the Best Dog Food for Puppies

When it comes to the best dog food for puppies, it is important to note that there may not be ONE dog food that will be good for every single puppy. Your pup may have nutritional requirements that other pups do not because of breed, size, or pre-existing health issues. What you need is to find the right pet food for your dog. So how do we find out what this is?

Best Dog Food for Puppies ... Orijen ... or?Keep in mind that there are many brands of dog food in the market, but most of the cheap commercial brands are not very healthy. Now, I am not just saying this as a snobbish slight to cheaper pet foods, not at all. However the healthiest, most organic dog food ingredients are pricey because of their quality and a cheap price is a pretty good indication that these high quality ingredients are not included in the bag.

You may sit there thinking, “well, if I get to save a few bucks on a bag of cheaper dog food, I don’t think it will really make much of a difference.” That is where you are wrong, my friend. My sister and her husband had a dog that died because of one of these cheap dog food brands. I had a first-hand experience of the regret and heartache of pet owners who wished they fed their dog the right dog food early on.

I know that for most of you, you don’™t even realize how important your dog’™s pet food is for him. After all, the bigger companies have great ads and promos that grab our attention and they won’t really tell us that the ingredients they put in their dog foods aren’t beneficial for our dogs – are you kidding me? It is up to us responsible pet owners to go to forums and talk to other experts and fellow dog owners about the best types of dog food to give our furry friends.

For one thing, you must know that dog food and puppy food – they are not the same. Puppy food is especially formulated to address the needs and nutritional requirements of a growing canine. Most puppies need about twice the nutrients that an adult dog need on an average day. If we don’t take care of this area of our dog’™s health, we might find our puppies to grow up to be a weak and sickly dog.

Golden Retriever PuppiesYou need to ask the vet regarding the amount of dog food and the actual dog food that you will feed your puppy. There are actually different stages even in a dog’s ‘puppy life’. From birth to about 2 months of age, the puppy needs high quality protein food and dog food aimed to maximize the growth stage of the young dog. From   3 to 5 months old until adulthood, the puppy should be weaned away from this growth formula, so to speak to avoid the risk of developing skeletal health issues. The amount of calories and nutrient value should also be studied and lessened for the same reasons.

You can check the Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO for the complete list of nutrient profile for puppies to help you make an informed decision on the best puppy food you should give your dog. You can find out their recommended dog food diet, as well as other helpful tips on how to have a healthy dog in the long run.

Now, puppies can be fussy eaters even if you do give them the best dog food for puppies. You must not encourage their fussiness by hand feeding them when they don’™t want to eat. If they don’™t want to eat, remove their doggie dish and serve them their next fresh meal at the designated time. Never ‘free feed’ them lest you run the risk of raising an obese dog inclined to numerous health problems. Lastly, when you alter their diet, transition them slowly to avoid stress and digestion issues.

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