Acana – this word has become synonymous with high quality pet foods that ensure that your dog (or cat) receives the best possible nutrition available to them. If you are looking for amazing pet food, then this is for you.

The Acana Pet Food Story

Acana Regional Pacifica Grain Free Dry Dog FoodAcana is part of Champion Petfoods – a Canadian company that has brought you many great pet foods that is known for the uncompromising standard of quality that they have. There are so many great things about this company. They are not looking at the bottom line like so many pet food companies. They find out what’s best for your pets, and take the time to deliver not just the right ingredients, but the best possible suppliers for those ingredients.

That’s right, this company outsources the ingredients that they put in every single bag. They believe that in order to get the most substantial and high quality ingredient, you cannot just go to the lowest bidder in the market. The food you see in these dog food bags are deliberately picked from the sources that can be trusted. The ingredients are not  only fresh, but produced in the kitchens of Champion Petfoods themselves.

What this means is that Champion Petfoods is not just the marketer for the pet food you see on the grocery shelves, they are the actual producer and manufacturer of their products. What you have, in effect, is an authentic dog food product that has fresh regional ingredients and is biologically appropriate. When it’s biologically appropriate dog food, you know you are delivering the best for your dog.

Biologically Appropriate Acana Dog Food

Acana Dog FoodWhat is “biologically appropriate” dog food? Dogs are structurally built to be carnivores and they need meat that is rich in protein to thrive. You often see pet products that have grain fillers because grain is a cheap protein substitute, but this can actually be more harmful for dogs. Grains are not easily processed by our carnivorous dogs and they can even cause allergies and other health complications to our pets.

With Acana pet foods, you can be sure that your dog receives ample nutrients from high grade diverse meat products that they need. The food content is high on protein and very low in carbohydrates. In fact, the only carbohydrate you will find in their dog foods are steel-cut oats. Steel-cut oats are classified as carbohydrates with low glycemic index (GI) which means that these enter the bloodstream gradually as opposed to quickly like the high GI carbohydrates. Low GI carbohydrates decrease fat storage and prevent spikes in the blood sugar of the dog. The result is that the blood glucose level remains stable and it lessens the chances for your dog to be obese.

Acana Ingredients

jack-russell-terrierAside from meat ingredients, Acana also includes fresh fruits and vegetables that add to your dog’s good health. Some of these ingredients include: apples, Bartlett pears, butternut squash, whole carrots, spinach, whole pumpkin and potatoes. Botanicals like chicory and licorice roots, angelica root and fenugreek root, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, sweet fennel, marigold and juniper are included in some of the products as tonics that detoxify and help strengthen and build the dog’s systems.

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