What is the Most Popular Dog Breed?

What is the most popular dog breed? There are so many dog breeds around—especially right now where people are mixing breeds to create new hybrids, the answer to that may be different for different people.

For example, in areas where there are a lot of land and farming, if you ask them what is the most popular dog breed they will probably tell you that it would be a collie. Collies are great at herding and keeping things in order. They are actually the smartest known dog breed so they are not only really great company—they can help in things around the house as well.

In other circles, a small dog is a great pet to have. They are adorable and fit nicely in a tote where you can carry them around. They might get a little bit too noisy around strangers and animals so you need to train them to socialize as early as possible.

Probably for most people, the most loved dog breed would probably be the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever. They lionize the best qualities of dogs—loyal, affectionate, protective and strong. They are great around kids and make fantastic therapy dogs, what more can you wish for?

Whatever dog breed you choose, ensure that you take care of them by giving them good food, making them exercise regularly and bringing them to the vet for periodic check-ups. Check-ups are super important because it can help detect sicknesses early, and the earlier you detect the sickness, the more options you can have for treatment. Believe me, it will save you a lot heartache when you follow these basic guidelines with your pet.

So now you know more about what is the most popular dog breed and other helpful dog info.

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