Tiny Dog Breeds

Tiny dog breeds are becoming to be super popular—especially for celebrities and socialites. They are so cute and you can tuck them easily inside your handy designer bag and tote them around.

There are pros and cons with owning tiny dog breeds. On the upside, while not all small dogs are hypoallergenic, the chances are that since they are small in size, your furniture probably won’t experience too much shed fur. You can bring your little friends almost everywhere you want because they are so compact and highly mobile.

What many people don’t know is that small doesn’t always mean no trouble. They actually are noisier and have more spunk than their larger counterparts. You need to have them socially trained early on so that you don’t have to worry about leaving them with strangers and new places.

Also, because of the popularity of small dogs, unscrupulous breeders are starting to breed toy dogs in puppy mills. Aside from the fact that toy dogs are prone to more sickness and diseases, puppy mills are an inhumane way to rear animals. The dogs that live here are often traumatized and have poor health due to the bad living conditions they are subject to.

If you do want to own tiny dog breeds, make sure you get them from reputable breeders, recommended by people you know if it is possible. Crate train them early on so that you will have no problem transporting them from one place to another in a soft carrier (or tote bags), or plastic travel carrier. It goes without saying that you need to feed them good food and groom them regularly so that they are as healthy and gorgeous looking as you are.

You can learn more about tiny dog breeds, their qualities and tips to keep them in the best possible condition when you visit the links in this site today.

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