The Bulldog Breed

Have you encountered enough cute, cuddly pet images, gifts and videos in your personal social networking sites that the thought of owning your very own pet has even transcended your dreams? Why not make that dream a reality and consider adopting a very lovable, huggable, fun dog – the Bulldog breed?

Varieties of the Bulldog Breed

Bulldogs are dogs characterized with having a muscular and stout frame, a distinctive wrinkled face coupled with a unique pushed-in nose. There are three types of Bulldogs for a pet lover to choose from. There are the American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. These three bulldog types are sure to suit your preference for pudgy and cuddly dogs.

The Bulldog Breed - English Bulldog

English Bulldog

We know that Bulldogs are cute and cuddly little things. And as a soon to be pet owner on his way to achieving his dream, I am sure that you are very much interested in first doing a background check on your dream dog. So I bet you are already asking, aside from their so very lovable appearance, does the Bulldog breed have anything more to recommend them?

The Bulldog Breed – Temperament

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Despite the Bulldog’s sour expression a pet owner can expect a docile and biddable temperament from these breed. They are a bunch of fun friendly dogs that are known for their courageous and kind countenance. It is also a good thing to note that aggressiveness and viciousness is absent in this breed’s DNA, although they may look very intimidating at first glance. This is good news to individuals who loves to invite visitors to their home. This breed will not give your visitors a scare or bite in the butt (no lawsuits here!). What they may do is charm your visitors into giving them a quick belly rub.

The Bulldog breeds are small to medium sized, which makes them perfect for individuals living in apartments and lofts. They are a low maintenance breed and require only a small amount of physical activity making them the perfect dog for individuals living in an urban environment, with fast pace lives.

The Bulldog is also known to be very good with children. They tend to get very attached to the children of the family and will be content with just sitting on someone’s lap than running around chasing a ball as most breeds do. Overall The Bulldog breed is a good candidate for individuals wanting to venture into the mystical world of pet ownership. They have a good temperament and have minimal demands. What they have in abundance are their cute and delightful visages that pet owners will surely appreciate.

How to Care for the Bulldog Breed

Part 2 – Bulldog Breed

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