The Bulldog Breed – part 2

The bulldog breed  is among the most recognizable and more than that, well loved dogs in the world. From the United Kingdom, to America, to Asia- dog lovers find this breed a fantastic family pet and a great companion to have.

What makes the bulldog breed so special? After all, aren’t all dogs created in awesomeness? Yes it’s true that all dogs are special in their own right, but the bulldog is a special dog because even though it looks as tough as it does, it actually is a softie that will do anything for its family.

Bulldog Breed for Children

It’s true, this dog is amazing with children. They are gentle, affectionate, patient and kind. They love their masters and are very protective of them. They will go all the way to protect their own, making them the best guard dog.

The Bulldog Breed
Bulldogs are fearless. They got their name because they were once used to “bait bulls”. And if you are brave enough to be a bait for a big bull, then you are pretty much boss when it comes to tough stuff.

That is why a bulldog owner must be prepared to be the alpha male of the house. If you plan to adopt a bulldog, there should be no second thoughts about being the strong and firm master, otherwise you run the risk of raising a dominant and aggressive dog. You don’t want this because this type of dog is not safe in the community. On the other hand, a well trained and sociable dog is not only happier, but better to have around with strangers as well.

Training the Bulldog Breed of Dogs

Training bulldogs can be a challenge since they can be quite stubborn (hence the saying “stubborn as a bulldog”). But it is worth it. Train them up as early as possible so they do not develop bad habits that can take a while to correct. Teaching them how to be around strange people, animal and loud noises and how to behave right in these environment can go a long way in having a well-rounded and happy animal in your home.

Now, a common problem for bulldog owners is that this breed can be susceptible to several health problems, mostly due to the structure of its face and body. The bulldog is often beset with respiratory concerns because of its small windpipes. The large heads are a problem for pregnant bulldogs because it makes child bearing more of a challenge. The folds in his face can be prone to infection too and due care must be exercised to see to it this doesn’t happen.

Bulldogs are also very sensitive to extreme weather conditions. High heat and really cold weathers can be tough for this tough dog. You also need to regularly engage this dog to physical activity so that he doesn’t get obese and aggravate any health complications he might have. A daily walk a few times around the block is recommended since this satisfies the canine’s innate urge to migrate. Feed him healthy meals in small quantities two or three times a day as opposed to one heavy meal a day. Bulldogs are said to be more likely to have bloat, a painful condition caused by rapid overeating so it is good to try to prevent this in however way you can.

Grooming the Bulldog Breed

It is easy enough to groom a bulldog since they have short, shiny hair that can be combed by a firm bristle brush regularly. Do not bathe him frequently because doing so can dry out their skins fast. If you do, use a mild canine shampoo with natural ingredients like aloe and oatmeal that moisturize the skin. Never use human shampoo because our pH level is way higher than dogs and our products will be too harsh for the dog’s skin. Be careful to wipe the folds of the bulldog’s face to prevent skin infections.

The bulldog breed that you are probably familiar with is the English bulldog, often associated with the great Englishman himself, Winston Churchill. But there are also other bulldog hybrids that many people enjoy like the American bulldog, the Catahoula bulldog, the Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge, the French bulldog, the Boxer, the Bullmastiff, and the toy bulldog . Whatever breed you decide to own, give him the best and enjoy every moment with him. Bulldogs are awesome pets that anyone would be happy to have!


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