Smartest Dog Breeds

Do you know what are the smartest dog breeds? We all know that most dogs are fun, affectionate and loyal – but not all dogs are equally smart. If you have a smart dog, it is easier to train him and the earlier you can train him, the better life will be for you and for him.

You will notice that many intelligent dogs are used to helping people, specifically to herd animals in large areas. Such is the nature of our tenth smartest dog, the Australian Cattle Dog. These dogs are not just protective over their masters, but their territory as well. If you enjoy playing with dogs with high levels of energy and can be easily trained, this is the dog for you.

Many people are scared of the Rottweiler, and so they should be if you mess with their master! This ninth smartest dog is strong, fierce and fearless – a fantastic guard dog to watch over the family. They will not do well being chained all day so if you are a city dweller, you might want to consider another dog or a larger house with adequate room for exercise. They are generally healthy but can be prone to health problems like displaysia, eye problems and diabetes.

Don’t let its little exterior fool you, the Papillion is not only a clever dog, it is also extremely tough and aggressive. Ranked number eight in this list, the Papillion is known for their moodiness and protectiveness of their master and family. Like many small dogs, this breed can be super noisy when they feel like they are not given enough attention. Socialize them as early as possible so you can enjoy an affectionate and smart dog.

The seventh cleverest dog is also considered by many as the most beloved of all dog breeds, the Labrador Retriever. It is fairly impossible not to fall in love with this large, good natured creature. Labs are a favoured family pet because of their intelligence, patience, loyalty and affection. They are super playful and will require daily exercise to be happy, as well as to keep their weight down because Labs can develop many canine sicknesses due to obesity.

Shetland Sheepdogs are renowned for their intelligence, marking them as the sixth smartest dog. The Shetland Sheepdog was once used to help shepherds in herding cattle and sheep (hence the name) so you can expect them to have a quick and alert mind. They need to be exercised regularly and when you do, make sure you trim their long, silky coats so that they don’t get too dirty and mangy when they get in the house.

The fifth most popular dog breed is also found in another listaE”the best guard dogs in the world. Yes, I’m talking about the fiercely protective Doberman Pinscher. The Doberman is not only incredibly strong, fearless and protectiveaE”they are known for their high intelligence as well. Even if they are tough, they have good temperaments and can be great family dogs especially when you train them early on.

The fourth on the list ranks among the most loved canines in the world, the Golden Retriever. They exemplify the best qualities of dogs. Loyal, fun loving and friendy. The Golden Retriever is lovable even to the most discriminating of people. They are alert and together with their extreme patience, they make the ideal pets for children and growing families.

The third in the smartest dog breeds list is the German Shepherd. Like Dobermans, the German Shepherds are considered among some of the best guard dogs ever. Their stamina, strength and quickness of mind make them very useful to help humans (police dogs, search dogs, therapy dogs, bomb sniffers, etc.). Since they are natural workers, giving them a job and a purpose will keep them happy and fulfilled. As with all the dog breeds, you need to train them early on to maximize these strengths to your best advantage.

The popular Poodle is the second most intelligent dog in the world. They look high maintenance and frou frou, but they are actually really smart. In fact, gypsies used to train them and use them in their shows. Poodles are sociable creatures but they are not always great with children if they have not been properly socially trained. If you plan to adopt a Poodle, surround him with people, loud noises, new places as early as six weeks so he doesn’t get scared and be harmful to society when he grows older.

Who tops the smartest dog breeds list? Drumroll pleaseaE”the honor for this title goes to the Border Collie. The Border Collie was actually used by people before to help in chores. Like some runner-ups, they used to herd animals so don’t be surprised if they start nipping at your children’s feet in an attempt to herd them. It doesn’t take them long to be trained. In fact, you will have to keep him mentally and physically stimulated in order for him not to be bored. Intelligent dogs, when bored, can be a destructive force around the house. Exercise and spend time with them often to get the most out of your pets.

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