Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems

People often search dog breeds and their health problems before adopting their own pet. You may love dogs, but the heartbreak of taking care of a sickly dog can be especially trying—more so if you have kids who have become attached to the newest member of the family.

Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems

Now, understand while there are specific dog breeds and their health problems, it doesn’t mean that they will not get sick with other health issues as well. A lot is dependent on how you take care of them—giving them good food, exercise and periodic vet check-ups. However, there are certain dogs that are more susceptible with particular illnesses because of the make-up and structure of their bodies.

Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems – Pugs

Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems - PugsFor instance, pugs are adorable but they have a myriad of health issues that beset them because of how they are made. Although their wrinkly face is adorable, it leads to a lot of complications. It is important to clean the folds between their faces to avoid skin infections in this area. Their short noses causes breathing difficulties at times, and they can easily damage the corneas of their protruding eyes if they are too frisky and scratch too much.

If you notice, pugs often sound like they are snorting or honking. This is because of their elongated soft palate obstructing their airways. Sometimes because of their extremely soft nasal passage tissues, their nostrils collapse and they are left to breathe through their mouths to receive oxygen. Pug dog encephalitis is an inflammation of the pug’s brain that is preceded by seizures, loss of muscle coordination, listlessness and disorientation. It is a devastating illness that should be treated right away.

Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems – Poodles

Poodles are one of the most unique dog breeds there is. They may look all frilly and snobbish, but they are actually one of the most intelligent dogs out there. If you adopt them early on and teach them socialization skills, they can be great companions for kids to grow up with. Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems - Poodles

You will notice that there are three general sizes in Poodles: the standard, the miniature and the toy. I know little dogs are super adorable, but they are prone to a lot of dog diseases. Miniature and toy poodles are said to experience more epileptic seizures, and for male poodles—undescended testicles. Because of their unusual size, they have skeletal anomalies like legg-calve-perthes and patella sub-luxation. It is critical that you keep their health low to avoid putting more pressure on their bones than necessary. Standard sized poodle owners should also look out for hypothyroidism, sebaceous adenitis, progressive retinal atrophy and von willenbrand’s disease.

Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems – Labrador Retrievers

Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems - Labrador RetrieversPerhaps there is no dog more well-loved than the Labrador retriever. The good news is that the lab is generally a healthy dog. They are frequently subject to muskoskeletal diseases as well, particularly hip and elbow dysplasia, and osteochondritis dissecans. You will know that your lab has this if he has difficulty standing up, or walking around. Limited physical activities recommended, although this may be very challenging to the playful dog. Ask the vet on what treatments are good to help ease the pain and repair degenerative tissues.


Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems – Yorkshire  Terriers

Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems - Yorkshire TerriersYorkshire terriers are among the most adorable dogs in the world today. They are popular for their appearance and disposition, making them a fantastic addition to any family. Aside from common problems from toy breeds, the yorkie is also often plagued with digestive complications and portosystemic shunt, which is basically a defect that inhibits the proper elimination of toxins in the blood stream resulting in neurological problems.

Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems – Boxer Dogs

Dog Breeds and Their Health Problems - BoxersThe boxer breed is said to be named because of its inclination to use its front paws frequently. This athletic dog is perfect for active and upwardly mobile families who want a protective and energetic pet in the house. Unfortunately, there are several health concerns that future boxer owners need to know about. The proper knowledge and treatment of such diseases will mean the difference of a healthy dog from a frail and sick one.

Boxers are known to experience heart and thyroid problems. Because they are a fairly compact and vigorous dog, their skeletal system bears the brunt of the roughhousing throughout the years. Weak knees and arthritis could be inhibited by restraining them to light physical activities—leave Frisbee and other extreme sports with your human friends. Boxers are also said to be more susceptible to cancer so be sure to bring them to the vet for regular examinations for early detection.


If your dog is already suffering from some form of canine disease, a better alternative to traditional medicine is natural and holistic therapies. Herbs and other organic substances are used for centuries to cure human and animal sicknesses effectively. It is also safer to use because it is devoid of chemicals that will be detrimental to your dog’s health in the long run. Find a vet knowledgeable in holistic treatments to help cure your sickly dog.

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