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Why is it important to get the right dog breed info before you adopt a dog? You want to get a dog that is not just cute, but fits into your lifestyle perfectly. After all, dogs are a blessing and if a certain breed is not for you—he will surely be perfect for somebody else.

So right now you need to make a list of what you are looking for in a dog. What do you want him to be? A small dog may be cute, but they are also super energetic and noisy. You need to be prepared to give them social training early on so they do not become a nuisance to your friends and neighbours. The upside with smaller dogs is that while not all small dogs are hypoallergenic, they may not shed as much fur due to their small size—this means less hair to brush off your furniture.

When you are shopping for a small dog, you have to be very careful that you don’t buy them from a disreputable breeder. Many toy dogs are bred in puppy mills—an inhumane place that “manufactures” sickly dogs for a profit. Ask family and friends for a reputable breeder that you can buy your own puppy from.

Now, if you are athletic and are willing to spend hours with your pet, then a big, energetic dog may be just for you. Choose among a myriad of choices—Labrador, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Doberman Pinschers, etc. They are all great dog that will be a fantastic protector and guard dog to your family. It’s good to research on dog breed info before you make any assumptions—many people are scared of Dobermans because of their size and reputation but they are actally great family pets to have around as long as you train them early on.

For those of you who don’t want an active dog, then a Great Dane, Newfoundland or St. Bernard is just for you. These mammoth creatures are extremely gently and not as hyped up as the normal dog. In fact, they are so laid back that you need to prod them to go out and exercise once in a while so they don’t become obese and have health problems in the future.

Whatever dog breed info you choose, make sure that you take care of them the best way you can. Dogs are our best friends and indeed, family members that love you unconditionally—keep them healthy and enjoy a happy and healthy pet when you do.

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