Boxer Dog Breed

The boxer dog breed is among the most popular dog breeds in the world. Who can blame us? They exemplify the best qualities of the canine world—a friend you can trust and love.

The boxer dog breed is a dog known for its strength and agility. They can go for up to 60 lbs of muscle and energy. Unless you have time and energy to spare, don’t get a boxer because they are the happiest when they are active and working.

This dog got its name for its propensity to use its front paws often, much like a boxer. They are even known to jump up with their front paws up like a boxer in the ring. They are very much the playful and affectionate pet that can be great with children as long as they have been properly trained in socialization skills early on.

Perhaps the most prevalent image we have of the boxer is that of a protector. They make fantastic family pets because of their strong protective instincts, strength and intelligence. They can be easily trained and will do well with obedience training that will stimulate both his mental and physical skills.

Ideally, boxers should be in homes with a large yard where he can play with the family. However, he can also dwell in an apartment with his master if needed, granted he is trained and still gets his daily exercise. Dogs that are not exercised are not only endangering their health, it is also putting your home at risk. They will vent their excess energy on furniture and things lying around and believe me, this is not the scene you will want to come home to after a long day at work.

While this breed may seem almost perfect, there are some concerns regarding the health of the boxer. Unfortunately certain breeds seem to be more susceptible to particular canine disorders and for the boxer, these are heart problems, allergies and tumors. You need to bring him to the vet for regular check-ups in order to make sure that he is in good health. A healthy and well-balanced diet will do a world of difference to his health so make it a point to choose premium dog food with no chemicals and artificial additives for his daily meals.

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