Best Dog Breed for Children

Families with dogs seem to enjoy more quality and happy times together. Even now if you ask many adults who grew up with a pet dog, they will tell you that many of their fondest childhood memories will include them spending time with their pets. What is the best dog breed for children and are you ready to adopt one today?

There are many breeds that can be considered as the best dog breed for children. As with all individuals, there are different factors that come into play when considering what is the best dog to adopt. The most important thing is to train the dog socialization skills early on so that they do not pose a threat to your kids, as well as to other people around them.

Perhaps the most popular family dog you can get is a Labrador. This lovable canine has found its way to many hearts for years. They exemplify what we love most about dogs—loyal, affectionate, protective and playful. It is recommended that you exercise and play with them daily for their health and happiness.

Lassie made the Collie a famous family dog, and indeed rightfully so. Collies are mild mannered, easily trainable, and loves to please their masters. They were originally bred to help people herd animals so don’t be surprised if you find them nipping at your child’s heels in an attempt to keep them together! They have long and silky hair that needs grooming regularly.

Beagles are smart and happy dogs that also make fantastic pets. They are small enough for young children to play with, and they are friendly enough to get along with other pets (if you choose to add to your animal brood). They are low shedders which makes them a perfect addition to a household with sensitive allergies.

Golden Retrievers are also ranked as one of the most ideal breeds for children to be with. They are playful, yet gentle; loving, but will tackle a stranger who would dare to mess with the family. There are seldom reported to have problems with people because they have one of the best disposition for dogs ever. You will not go wrong in adopting a Golden Retriever for a pet.

It is important to note that it is better to adopt a dog when your child is not too young. They might not be able to handle a dog properly, dropping them and stepping on them accidentally. It is recommended that kids are a little bit older before you should adopt a dog so that they can help with the training thereby strengthening the bond they have with their pet.

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