Dog Agility

Do you know what dog agility is? I used to think it was a quality in dogs (and sure it can be regarded as such), but it’s actually a dog sport that is participated by dogs and masters throughout the world.

10 Foot Open Tunnel

In dog agility courses and competitions, there are a series of obstacles laid out by the competition’s organizers for dogs to go through. The dog that gives the best performance wins the whole tournament.

Many of these courses are quite complicated and the dogs need the guidance and directions from their human handlers. These handlers develop strategies that compensate for their dog’s weaknesses and in doing so, increase their chances to beat out other dogs.

For most competitions, the handlers are allowed a quick walk through around the obstacle course with their dogs. This walk through is invaluable for the dog to get a feel for the course, as well as for the handler to assess how to make it work to his dog’s strengths.

Traditional Dog Agility Obstacles

The traditional agility obstacles include the A frame, dog walk, teeter totter, crossover, tunnel or chutes, jumps, pause table or pause box, weave poles, and hoops.

While the UK Kennel Club was the first organization to make agility tournaments official, now there are several organizations that hold competitions for this. The different organizations have different specifications and scoring on the dog’ performance in each tournament, however they are the same in that they divide the dogs in categories to make it a fair competition to those who want to join. The categories are usually size, experience and age.

Some handlers start training their dogs early on. You can even buy standard equipment online for training. If you wish to start training your dog, be sure to ask for professional advice first. Bring your dog to the vet to ensure that he is physically fit and able to perform the obstacle courses presented to him.

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Dog Agility

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