Agility Training For Dogs

Agility training for dogs was once a novelty, but it is now becoming a popular past time for dogs and dog owners alike.   If you want to really have fun and make the most out of your time with your furry friend, then you have to try out
agility training for dogs.

Agility Training for Dogs

10-Foot Open Tunnel

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What do you know about canine agility training? Is this some sort of boot camp that canines go to, to improve their  strength and endurance? Where do you find these and what can you expect with agility training for dogs?

What Is Agility Training for Dogs?

First of all, agility training does not necessarily mean you have to take your dog to an obedience school to take up a  course on agility training or something of that sort. Many pet owners actually train their pets on their own because it’s not that difficult, it’s fun and serves as a great bonding time. There are some reasonably priced agility equipment sold online (brand new or used, depending on your preference or budget) that you can easily set up in your backyard so you can start training your dog.

Basically, agility training is when your dog completes certain tasks and you can assist him with only the sound of your  voice. Of course in the beginning you can use touch and treats, but as you go along, your dog should be able to obey with only your voice.

The actual agility competitions have a course and you can bring your dog around the track once for practice. This is important because it helps your dog, as well as yourself get bearing on how to move along the course. Because the actual competition is timed, most dogs and their handles will be running through the different tasks to get the best  scores. Be aware though that aside from the time, the accuracy of the task completed factors in highly, so it is very important that your dog does the task perfectly before proceeding to the next one.

There are many benefits for dogs that are involved in agility training. For one thing, this is a good exercise for  dogs. Dogs that are physically fit are less likely to contract diseases that may compromise the quality of their lives.   Aside from physical stimulation, the mental capability is your dog is exercised as well. Bored dogs can be destructive,  but a physically and mentally fit dog is a joy to have around. They are well-balanced, stable and happier. They love to  please their masters and this is a good opportunity for them to do so.

More than anything, agility training for dogs is a great way to bond with your pet. After all, it takes hours and hours  of practice to finally master all the tasks that are included in the whole course, and you can use this time to bond with your pet. Keep it light and fun so that he looks forward to training with you and you will have a well-trained dog  in no time at all!

Dog Agility Kit

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