Agility Training Equipment

 Agility Training Equipment for Dogs


Have you noticed some changes in your beloved dog as of late?

Has he gone from a cute, cuddly ball of energy to an alarmingly prostrate dog, whose new hobby includes lazing around in your house all day?

If your answer to the question is yes, then perhaps you should already start considering getting your dog a badly needed agility training equipment.

Agility Training Equipment Options

Agility training equipment is mostly used to train dogs to develop obedience and intelligence. Such training will be tested during dog agility competitions in which dogs will be led around different obstacles with only their handler’s voice and their body movements as the dog’s guideline for action. There will be no mouth-watering treats to bribe them with. Handlers will use their training skills to make their beloved dog follow their practice courses.

Though agility training is mostly used to train dogs for obedience, intelligence and obstacle courses competitions, it is also an effective way in having overweight pets lose weight. Not only will the bond between master and pet be strengthened, in addition, both parties will be able to acquire a much-needed exercise.

There are a variety of agility training equipment for dogs available. A few of which will be discuss in this article.

One popular equipment is the A-Frame. This is a two-board ramp with three feet width and nine feet length dimensions, that is hinged together and raised to form an A shape. The goal is to have your pet dog ascend and descend thru the A-Frame. This will help with his balance and coordination, not to mention help your dog shed those pounds you have been so worried about.

Another agility training equipment is the Teeter-totter, more popularly known as the seesaw. This is a twelve-foot plank that pivots at a fulcrum, quite similar and as fun and functional as the seesaws we usually see in kid’s playgrounds. One difference though in characteristic with the children’s seesaw is that the Teeter-totter is slightly off balance, with the fulcrum place slightly away from the middle, ensuring that the same end will always return to the ground.  The objective of this equipment is to have your dog ascend and descend the plank without losing his balance.

Jumps are also popular training equipment for dogs. As the name implies, jumps are composed of equipment of mostly horizontal bars or tires, constructed in such a way for dogs to traverse and jump at. This equipment is best suited to train your dog’s coordination, balance and dexterity. This is also a very effective way in ensuring that your pet dog will continue shedding those extra pounds while enjoying himself to boot.

Bar Jump

Bar Jump

You can teach your dog to jump to new heights with this single bar hurdle. Its simple d… [More]

Agility Training Equipment is For All Dogs!

Who says that agility training equipment is only suited to sleek and energetic dogs? Fret not! The fun is limitless. Create a zest filled environment for your dog, show him the courses and let him experience the different exercises, in no time at all your once obese dog will be losing all those weight while having a precious bonding moment with you!

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