Agility Equipment

Dog training enthusiasts everywhere are investing in good agility equipment. Dog agility training is a great benefit for dogs and their masters. You will do well in investing in these handy training tools so you can use them anytime with your dog at home.

Agility Equipment for Health Benefits

As you know, dog agility is very beneficial for several reasons. The obvious reason is of course the physical benefits that come with agility training. If your dog is getting regular exercise, he will less likely be overweight. Obese dogs are said to have a higher incidence of arthritis, heart and liver problems, heart complications and diabetes just to name a few. Can you imagine the benefits your dog will reap if you train him every day even for a few months? This alone is worth the effort and investment in dog agility training.

Agility Equipment for a Happy Dog

Aside from physical health, your dog’™s mental health will also be enhanced. The coordination that is involved in agility training can be quite complicated and when your dog masters the different courses, you can expect a sharp and happy dog. Don’™t worry about straining your dog. You may not know it but training is actually better for the dog psychologically. Trained dogs are more secure, safe to be around people, and therefore happier fellows.

When you train your dogs the different courses, start slowly. You don’™t want to overwhelm your dogs and thereby turn them off. Have a lot of treats ready so you can reward them with treats and compliments when he accomplishes a task. This is how you train dogs. They will associate pleasant sensations with the action you want him to do so he will strive to please you and remember what you want from him.

Dogs also have short attention span (I used to think my dog got that from me but apparently it’s a trait shared by the canine kingdom). When you train, only keep it at around 10-20 minutes and end it with a positive note. You want him excited to train and when he is excited, it is easier for him to learn.

Core Agility Equipment

The core dog agility equipment you will find are: bar jump, weave poles, tunnel, tire jumps, close tunnel, pause table, teeter totter, dog walk and A-frame. There are other miscellaneous equipment that can or cannot be added depending on the competition you are joining. Have fun with your training and make this a memorable time for you both!

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