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Dog Food for Skin Allergies

If you want to help your dog stop itching, you need to give him the right dog food for skin allergies. Skin allergies is after all, is the reason why your dog is scratching and biting himself like crazy.

There are several kinds of dog allergies but the most common of them is flea allergy dermatitis, food allergies and atopic dermatitis. They all have pretty much the same symptoms—extreme itchiness, biting, licking at his body parts (to the point of self-mutilation), hair loss, wounds and scabs due to secondary skin infections.

Many times the best way to help your dog get over his allergies is through giving him a good diet. Dog food for skin allergies is an effective way to alleviate his discomfort and pain. Even though you know that allergies is not life threatening, not doing anything about it will make your dog miserable and more than that, will cause him to look mangy and dirty as well.

The most recommended dog food for skin allergies is undoubtedly those that are as healthy and organic as possible. Stay away from commercial dog food that are rife with insubstantial fillers and ingredients that are devoid of nutrition. They only have empty calories and are loaded with chemicals that will only aggravate your dog’s allergic condition.

If you are able, give your dog fresh dog food as much as possible. Raw bones, human grade meat, fresh fruits and vegetables are laden with moisture and natural nutrients that boost your dog’s immune system, better equipping them from the onset of any sickness and disease. The closer his diet mimics his diet in the wild, the less chances he will have on developing allergies.

Of course, if this is not an option for you, or if you are not completely comfortable in serving your dog raw meat for his meals, there are several premium dog food that you can choose from. These high quality dog food may be a few dollars more expensive, but they are infinitely better for your dog than the commercial dog food brands. Invest in your dog’s nutrition and you will see a marked improvement in his appearance, health and general disposition.

Aside from food, also use mild and herbal shampoos to bathe your dog with to avoid drying out his skin. Aloe vera, oatmeal and olive oil are just a few examples of natural remedies you can apply on the affected areas in your dog’s skin. Consult the vet before making any drastic changes in your dog’s diet and products used.

Go to the links in this site to find out more about dog food for skin allergies today.

Acana Dog Food Reviews

The different Acana dog food reviews note that it is a household name. It is  a brand manufactured by Champion Petfoods, a brand committed to quality and fresh ingredients from Alberta, Canada. Champion Petfoods believes that dog food must be biologically appropriate and should emulate as closely as possible the natural diet that dogs would have eaten in the wild.  Acana Dog Food Reviews

Picking the right dog food is so important for any pet owner or guardian. The source of a dog’s nutrition affects much of your pet’s health and behavior. When you’ve found the right food for your dog, some of the benefits include clear, bright eyes; brilliant coats; clean teeth; vitality; a happy and playful disposition; good over-all health and behavior; as well as a positive impact on your peta€™s lifespan. It will take some research, but in the end a happy and healthy pet is worth it.

What Do Acana Dog Food Reviews Say?

Some Acana dog food reviews note that this is an award-winning brand. The brand lists eleven dry dog foods, all claimed to meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages. The eleven Acana dog food recipes include Acana Senior Dog, Acana Light and Fit, Acana Sport and Agility, Acana Puppy and Junior, Acana Adult Large Breed, Acana Adult Small Breed, Acana Puppy Large Breed, Acana Puppy Small Breed, Acana Chicken and Burbank Potato, Acana Duck and Bartlett Pear, and Acana Lamb and Okanagan Apple.

When it comes to determining the right dog food, the right ratio of ingredients is an important part of deciding whether or not to try the brand out. Natural carnivores, dogs would need a lot of protein sources. Generally, Acana dog food is made of 40 to 65 percent meat, depending on the specific formula. Protein levels are around 27 to 34 percent in range while carbohydrates account for about 28 to 30 percent.

Acana Regional Pacifica Grain Free Dry Dog FoodSpecifically, let us look at the Acana Adult Small breed recipe. This formula lists chicken meal as the first ingredient. Meat meals are concentrates that actually provide 300% more protein than whole meats – beneficial to dogs as they are primarily carnivores. The second ingredient listed is oats which are rich in B vitamins and dietary fiber. The next ingredient listed is chicken. Although it is a quality ingredient, raw chicken actually contains 80% water. After cooking and processing, its meat content would be reduced to just a fraction of its weight. Next items listed include potato, a gluten-free source of digestible carbohydrates; peas which are rich in natural fiber and contain 25% protein; chicken fat which is high in omega-6 fatty acid; whole eggs; flounder; and alfalfa, as well as a number of other ingredients.

The bottom line is that Acana dog food reviews note that this is a good brand of dry dog food that provides good value for its price point. However, there are other dog food brands in the market that could supply more meat and protein necessary for dogs, especially puppies that are growing and for large breeds. Just remember that just like humans, every pet is unique and has unique needs. No single dog food can answer every individual need. As a responsible dog owner, it is your task to find out as much as you can in order to give your beloved pet the best food suited for him or her.


Acana – this word has become synonymous with high quality pet foods that ensure that your dog (or cat) receives the best possible nutrition available to them. If you are looking for amazing pet food, then this is for you.

The Acana Pet Food Story

Acana Regional Pacifica Grain Free Dry Dog FoodAcana is part of Champion Petfoods – a Canadian company that has brought you many great pet foods that is known for the uncompromising standard of quality that they have. There are so many great things about this company. They are not looking at the bottom line like so many pet food companies. They find out what’s best for your pets, and take the time to deliver not just the right ingredients, but the best possible suppliers for those ingredients.

That’s right, this company outsources the ingredients that they put in every single bag. They believe that in order to get the most substantial and high quality ingredient, you cannot just go to the lowest bidder in the market. The food you see in these dog food bags are deliberately picked from the sources that can be trusted. The ingredients are not  only fresh, but produced in the kitchens of Champion Petfoods themselves.

What this means is that Champion Petfoods is not just the marketer for the pet food you see on the grocery shelves, they are the actual producer and manufacturer of their products. What you have, in effect, is an authentic dog food product that has fresh regional ingredients and is biologically appropriate. When it’s biologically appropriate dog food, you know you are delivering the best for your dog.

Biologically Appropriate Acana Dog Food

Acana Dog FoodWhat is “biologically appropriate” dog food? Dogs are structurally built to be carnivores and they need meat that is rich in protein to thrive. You often see pet products that have grain fillers because grain is a cheap protein substitute, but this can actually be more harmful for dogs. Grains are not easily processed by our carnivorous dogs and they can even cause allergies and other health complications to our pets.

With Acana pet foods, you can be sure that your dog receives ample nutrients from high grade diverse meat products that they need. The food content is high on protein and very low in carbohydrates. In fact, the only carbohydrate you will find in their dog foods are steel-cut oats. Steel-cut oats are classified as carbohydrates with low glycemic index (GI) which means that these enter the bloodstream gradually as opposed to quickly like the high GI carbohydrates. Low GI carbohydrates decrease fat storage and prevent spikes in the blood sugar of the dog. The result is that the blood glucose level remains stable and it lessens the chances for your dog to be obese.

Acana Ingredients

jack-russell-terrierAside from meat ingredients, Acana also includes fresh fruits and vegetables that add to your dog’s good health. Some of these ingredients include: apples, Bartlett pears, butternut squash, whole carrots, spinach, whole pumpkin and potatoes. Botanicals like chicory and licorice roots, angelica root and fenugreek root, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, sweet fennel, marigold and juniper are included in some of the products as tonics that detoxify and help strengthen and build the dog’s systems.

Dog Food for Kidney Failure

If you have a pet with kidney problems, then you need to look for dog food for kidney failure. This can significantly improve the quality of your dog’s life.

Chronic kidney failure is a fairly common sickness in dogs. You will know if your dog is suffering from bad kidneys if he seems to be urinating more frequently than normal and want to drink water a lot. A dehydrated dog’s skin is less elastic. When you pinch his skin and it takes more than 5 seconds to go back to its original spot, then he is dehydrated.

The more advanced stage of chronic renal or kidney failure is loss of weight, lack of appetite, lethargy, nausea and diarrhea. Check his movements—does he seem to be in pain and is intolerant to exercise? He may have developed kidney stones that are severely painful. High blood pressure and seizures are also signs that your dog needs medical help for his kidneys right away.

Usually dog kidney problems is the result of a bad diet for many years. This is why is it very important that you invest in good dog food for your pet. As much as you are able, feed your dog natural food—yes, raw meat and vegetables are the best type of diet to give him. These are rich in natural vitamins and minerals that boost his immune system and help him fight off infections and diseases.

Of course not everybody has the time and effort to give their dog this type of diet. If this is you, then worry yourself not. Your dog is not doomed to suffer a life of questionable nutrition. There are several premium dog food brands out there that are extremely beneficial for your dog’s health.

Now, these premium dog food brands may be a bit pricier than your average bag of dog food—it’s well worth it. The reason why they are priced accordingly is because it is devoid of fillers and artificial preservatives that are detrimental to your dog’s health. Bad food will not only result in kidney problems, but a myriad of other more serious health issues as well.

When you look for dog food for kidney failure, look for food that have a low sodium and potassium content. These minerals are said to increase stone formation. Some experts say that you should look for low protein food as well, however this may cause malnutrition because dogs need protein in their diet. Look instead for food that have high, GOOD quality protein that can be easily processed by the body.

Replenish your dog with a lot of fresh, clean water and encourage him to urinate often. This will flush out the toxins in his bloodstream easily. Regular exercise is also good for his circulation, and his cardiac health as well.

Find out more about the best dog food for kidney failure and other helpful dog health tips here.

Canidae Dog Food Review

Think of your pet and go through this checklist: does he have a lustrous and shiny coat? Bright eyes? Strong bones? Healthy teeth and gums? Is he energetic with few behavioral problems? These are all the signs of a healthy and vital canine companion. Giving your dog the right food can help ensure that you will be spending more time playing and being loved by your best friend. Remember that your dog only has you to rely on to live a long and happy life, that is why studying about Canidae dog food review is helpful for his good health. Canidae dog food review

Canidae has been around since 1993 as a privately-owned food company based in San Luis Obispo, California. Canidae manufactures both dog and cat food products, under the name Felidae. This brand is slightly more expensive than other dog food brands but are still available for a moderate price. The Canidae product line features both dry and canned formula and has the following variants: Canidae ® All Life Stages, Canidae ® Lamb & Rice, Canidae ® Chicken & Rice, Canidae ® Beef & Fish, Canidae Platinum ®, Grain Free pureELEMENTS, Grain Free pureSEA, Grain Free pureSKY, Grain Free pureLAND and Canidae ® Single Grain Protein Plus.

Canidae states that its products use only the highest quality U.S. ingredients and that all formulations are produced in USDS, FDA and AAFCO approved facilities. Canidae also declares that the fresh meats and meals that go into its formulations as well as the high quality grains, fruits and vegetables come from human grade producers and are processed in human grade facilities. Its dry and canned goods are all naturally preserved.

Canidae Dog Food Review – Ingredients

Healthy Happy DogsFor this Canidae dog food review, let us look at the ingredients contained by Canidae ® All Life Stages Formula. When looking at the packaging, take note that the first three ingredients listed are meat meals – chicken meal, turkey meal and lamb meal. These are meat concentrates and thus contain nearly 300% more protein than fresh meat. This is good since dogs are naturally carnivores and so would need a lot of meat or protein in their diet.

The ingredients that come after are mostly grains – brown rice, white rice, rice bran, oatmeal. It also contains potato, barley and peas. Peas are not just a quality source of fiber, they are also a source of protein. Canidae also contains chicken fat, a source of omega-6 fatty acid essential for life. Although these are further down the ingredients list, you should also take note that Canidae has included prebiotics, fruits and vegetables to their products.

If we will judge by ingredients alone, Canidae would appear to be an above-average brand of dog food. However, ingredient quality is not the final measure of what is good. Meat content is very important when it comes to dog food. Some other reviews have estimated that the brand contains an average of 26% protein content and a mean fat level of 14%. Meaning carbohydrates would about to about 52%. This is below-average protein content. Canidae appears to be a fairly grain heavy food.

A final word on this Canidae dog food review, no dog food is appropriate for every life stage, lifestyle or health condition. You must take time to choose wisely and make informed decisions by taking time to research on the different brands available in the market.

Canidae dog food review

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Best Dog Foods

Since first grade we’ve been taught that a well-balanced meal is key towards a health and well-being. Well, it’s just the same for dogs. The best dog foods are balanced, nutritious and wholesome. There are many options available for a pet owner to choose from and finding the best dog food sometimes be an overwhelming task considering that what a dog eats has repercussions on its health, well-being and even behavior.

If a dog is on a whole and healthy dog food diet, he or she will enjoy healthy skin and coat, strong and well-developed bones, bright clear eyes, firm stools, well-defined muscle tone, healthy teeth and gums, fewer digestive problems, fewer behavior problems, energy, vitality and longevity. A dog that subsists on a poor diet however is at risk for cancer, a weak immune system, liver failure, diarrhea, dull coat and heavy shedding, vomiting, infections, compromised heart and kidneys, stunted growth, weak bones, diabetes, arthritis, allergies and a slew of other health and behavioral problems.

Best Dog Foods for Your Dog

Canidae dog food review

So what should you feed your dog?

Commercial dog food is one option as long as you pay close attention to details such as ingredients and nutritional values. it is a sad reality that many dog food brands spend more on marketing  and publicity than research and development. To determine if youa€™re getting the right dog food brand, check the label and inspect the list of ingredients. The product should consist of natural fats and oils, contain meat-based protein and is free of flavors, preservatives, colors and by-products. Meat or protein should be the main component and should be listed as the first, second and even third ingredient. Then, you must check other ingredients such as grains and vegetables. Some grains aren’t nutritious or healthy for dogs such as wheat and corn while other grains, in the right amount, are good such as oatmeal and rice. When it comes to commercial dog foods, check the package first and stay away from by-products or meat with unspecified sources, foods that contain BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin, foods with artificial colorants, foods that contain corn or wheat and foods that have less than two meat sources.

Wysong - One of the Best Dog Foods aroundRaw food is also fast becoming popular, especially the BARF or Bones and Raw Food diet. Proponents of this regime believe that feeding dogs raw foods is the most natural way. Before domestication, dogs would primarily eat raw meat that they caught themselves – yes, including the bones. Some raw foodies claim that this is the real “all-natural” diet. What’s more, it’s free from chemicals, preservatives, additives, by-products and unhealthy fillers like grains. However, raw food diet also carries the risk of foodborne illnesses such as bacteria like salmonella and E.coli, especially if you are not sure where the meat comes from. If you as a dog owner would choose this diet, make sure to consult with your vet or an experienced breeder that uses this diet.

Blue Buffalo Dog FoodHomemade food might just be the best dog foods you can give. Before the advent of commercial dog foods, canine companions thrived under food prepared lovingly by their masters. Today, there are plenty of homemade dog food recipes to learn from. Preparing a meal for your dog from scratch also means you know exactly what your dog is consuming. For dogs with allergies or food intolerances, this makes it easier for owners to customize their meals. Typical homemade dog food includes meaty stews, healthy soups, pies, vegetables and even raw bones once in a while. Although this takes more time and preparation, you will also have more control over what your dog consumes and be safe in the knowledge of what he’s eating.

Each dog is unique and has special needs and as their parent, you would know best what your pet’s conditions and history are. Whatever food option you wish to go for, finding the best dog foods will often take some experimentation and patience, but in the end, you will be rewarded with healthy, happy and vital canine that will accompany and love you for a longer time.

Best Dog Food Reviews

How to Spot the Best Dog Food Reviews

Best Dog Foods Reviews Identify Healthy Food for DogsThe best dog food reviews are not only informative, but reliable and honest as well. Unfortunately, we have too many commercial dog food brands that pay ads that “review” them and give them a high rating that is not deserving.

If you want to find out what makes the best dog food reviews, you should have an idea on what constitutes healthy dog food. This way, you can make your own judgment on the product, whether ita€™s good or bad for your dog, then compare it with the reviews of the dog food ratings you see online. Those that are consistent with your research, will most likely be a reliable source of information when it comes to dog food brands.

So what do you look for in a dog food? Ideally, dogs should have a diet that is natural and organic. The most ideal diet is the BARF or Bones and Raw Food (or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet. It pretty much explains itself, it’s a diet that need no cooking or processing. Of course the majority of well-meaning pet owners do not have the luxury of preparing these meals for their pets so you have the next best thing– premium dog food. Canidae dog food review

The best pet foods are those that are natural and organic. Look for products that are processed through dehydration or freeze dried since these are the mildest and safest form of preservation. Of course canned and other wet pet food are also fine, especially for picky eaters but as much as possible, dry dog food should be served as the healthier alternative.

Check the first five ingredients of the package. Meat should figure in largely in the meals, and not “meat by-product” that have no nutritional value. The best dog food reviews will also recommend grain free food that prevent allergies, and promote a diet that is most similar to the dog’s ancestral diet.

Dog Food Ratings

Looking at Dog Food Ratings

Dog food ratings are very helpful for the responsible and loving pet owner. There are so many dog food brands out there, sometimes it’™s hard to choose among these products to find out which one is best for our dogs.

For us, we go by what is stated on the box, the ads and the price. Some of us don’™t know better, especially for those who only just adopted a dog recently. We don’t want to make the mistake of buying the wrong things for our pets because the wrong diet will compromise their health. Good thing there are reliable dog food ratings that dissect the ingredients and even processing of certain dog food brands so that our informed choices will result in our dog’™s improved quality of life.

For ingredients, it is important that you look at the list of ingredients found at the back of these products and check if meat is the primary ingredient. Dogs are carnivores. They need protein in their diets and meat is the best source of protein. Many commercial pet food may substitute meat with grains, but this is a substandard alternative that will not benefit your dog in the long run.

Remember, dogs do not digest grains very well. Not only that, grains are known to cause allergies to the food sensitive dogs. This is why you find a lot of hypoallergenic dog food, or grain free dog food out in the market today. This may cost more since meat is more expensive than grain, but it is worth it because you will reduce the risk of caring for a weak and sickly dog.

A few of brands that dog food ratings seem to favor are Fromm dog food, Wysong dog food, Taste of the Wild dog food, Honest Kitchen dog food, Acana dog food, and Orijen dog food.  These premium dog food products are formulated to ensure your dog’s best health.

Dog Food Ratings – Fromm

– 4.9 out of 5  Fromm

Dog Food Ratings – Wysong

– 4.9 out of 5 Dog Food Ratings - Wysong

Dog Food Ratings – Taste of the Wild

– 4.8 out of 5 Taste of the Wild

Dog Food Ratings – Honest Kitchen

– 4.7 out of 5  Embark - Honest Kitchen

Dog Food Ratings – Acana

4.7 out of 5  Acana Regional Pacifica Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Dog Food Ratings – Orijen

– 4.7 out of 5 Orijen

Best Dog Food For Small Dogs

Bringing home a new puppy or dog is one of the best things in life. You are not just getting a cute pet, you are introducing the newest member of the family into the fold. Naturally, you want to give him everything he needs to grow up to be strong, happy and healthy. If you have one of the smaller breeds, you may want to give him the best dog food for small dogs to ensure this goal will come to pass.

Difference Between the Best Dog Food for Small Dogs and Other Dog Foods?

Best Dog Food for Small Dogs - ArtemisIf you are like me, you might be thinking what’s the difference between giving your puppy the best dog food for small dogs or any other type of dog food. I mean, they have four legs, fur and bark right? The difference in their size shouldn’™t make much of a difference in their diet.

Well, yes and no. Small dog breeds do tend to have slightly different nutritional requirements to their bigger counterparts. Giving your small dog breed good dog food is important to ensure that they remain strong and healthy for all of their life – which tends to be longer than the life span of bigger breeds.

So what do you look for in food for your smaller breed? Of course, feeding them appropriate amounts is also very important, because overfeeding them can prove disastrous to their diet and health. Their little bodies don’t need to ingest huge amounts of food before they start piling on the weight.

As with all dogs, if your small dog is a picky eater, you should offer the food, and then remove the dish when feeding time is over and give him a fresh meal for the next time. This is so that he learns to eat when the food is offered.  Wellness Small Breed Dog Food

Dogs need a lot of protein, even more so if you are very active, which many small breeds tend to be. Now, many people do not like giving their dogs too much of protein because they feel that doing so will contribute to a higher risk of skeletal disease. This is an inaccurate picture according to most experts. High quality proteins (which should come from fresh meat and not empty fillers and poor protein substitutes) are very important for dogs to grow well and should comprise a good part of their diet. Skeletal problems and other health concerns like arthritis and diabetes are more the result of overfeeding dogs early on. However, that said, it is also important that your dog receives plenty of vegetable matter as well. Most experts agree that grains are the least important part of a dog’s diet, and should be given only in very small quantities.

Also, aside from giving him the best dog food for small dogs, have time to regularly exercise your dog to keep his weight down and his cardiovascular health up.


Best Dog Food For Puppies

Are you looking for the best dog food for puppies? You have a wonderful new dog and you want to make sure that you feed him a healthy diet that will help him grow to be a strong and happy dog.

Looking for the Best Dog Food for Puppies

When it comes to the best dog food for puppies, it is important to note that there may not be ONE dog food that will be good for every single puppy. Your pup may have nutritional requirements that other pups do not because of breed, size, or pre-existing health issues. What you need is to find the right pet food for your dog. So how do we find out what this is?

Best Dog Food for Puppies ... Orijen ... or?Keep in mind that there are many brands of dog food in the market, but most of the cheap commercial brands are not very healthy. Now, I am not just saying this as a snobbish slight to cheaper pet foods, not at all. However the healthiest, most organic dog food ingredients are pricey because of their quality and a cheap price is a pretty good indication that these high quality ingredients are not included in the bag.

You may sit there thinking, “well, if I get to save a few bucks on a bag of cheaper dog food, I don’t think it will really make much of a difference.” That is where you are wrong, my friend. My sister and her husband had a dog that died because of one of these cheap dog food brands. I had a first-hand experience of the regret and heartache of pet owners who wished they fed their dog the right dog food early on.

I know that for most of you, you don’™t even realize how important your dog’™s pet food is for him. After all, the bigger companies have great ads and promos that grab our attention and they won’t really tell us that the ingredients they put in their dog foods aren’t beneficial for our dogs – are you kidding me? It is up to us responsible pet owners to go to forums and talk to other experts and fellow dog owners about the best types of dog food to give our furry friends.

For one thing, you must know that dog food and puppy food – they are not the same. Puppy food is especially formulated to address the needs and nutritional requirements of a growing canine. Most puppies need about twice the nutrients that an adult dog need on an average day. If we don’t take care of this area of our dog’™s health, we might find our puppies to grow up to be a weak and sickly dog.

Golden Retriever PuppiesYou need to ask the vet regarding the amount of dog food and the actual dog food that you will feed your puppy. There are actually different stages even in a dog’s ‘puppy life’. From birth to about 2 months of age, the puppy needs high quality protein food and dog food aimed to maximize the growth stage of the young dog. From   3 to 5 months old until adulthood, the puppy should be weaned away from this growth formula, so to speak to avoid the risk of developing skeletal health issues. The amount of calories and nutrient value should also be studied and lessened for the same reasons.

You can check the Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO for the complete list of nutrient profile for puppies to help you make an informed decision on the best puppy food you should give your dog. You can find out their recommended dog food diet, as well as other helpful tips on how to have a healthy dog in the long run.

Now, puppies can be fussy eaters even if you do give them the best dog food for puppies. You must not encourage their fussiness by hand feeding them when they don’™t want to eat. If they don’™t want to eat, remove their doggie dish and serve them their next fresh meal at the designated time. Never ‘free feed’ them lest you run the risk of raising an obese dog inclined to numerous health problems. Lastly, when you alter their diet, transition them slowly to avoid stress and digestion issues.