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HealthyHappyDogs.info provides information about holistic dog health, including keeping your dog healthy via the best dog foods, dog remedies that may assit in keeping your dog healthy, and other strategies for a healthy dog.

The owners of, and writers for, HealthyHappyDogs.info are mostly pet owners, probably pretty like yourself, interested in keeping our dogs healthy by holistic means wherever possible, instead of waiting for health problems to arise.

So what are holistic means? Well, they include first and foremost a healthy diet for your dog. Diet is the basis of staying alive, so is of the utmost importance. Most of the stuff that is peddled as pet food these days is made primarily of grains and other fillers, and much worse in some cases. Our dogs need meat! Dogs are carnivores (or some would say omnivores – but all experts would agree that protein should be the main food source for dogs).

Next, because even when fed the best food, dogs may still lack some nutrients due to the antibiotics fed to farm animals, insecticides that may be present on the grass that farm animals eat, soil erosion, and so on, certain supplements may help with keeping your dog healthy.

And what about parasites? Pets can be plagued by fleas, worms, heartworms, mites, ticks and other nasties. Healthy pets are less bothered by parasites, but parasites can still be a problem even for healthy pets. So the question is whether to use chemicals or opt for more natural alternatives. You will find information on these topics on HealthyHappyDogs.info

Another controversial topic is vaccinations. Actually, it’s really not controversial, because the Protocols all establish that annual vaccinations are not required. But many, many vets still recommend them. Why? And should you vaccinate your dogs at all? On this point there is some disagreement. You can read information about vaccinations on HealthyHappyDogs.info as well.

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